What the Full Moon in Libra Means and How It Is Impacting Your Energy

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On March 28, the full moon in Libra took place. Following on from the Pisces new moon, which occurred on March 13 and brought with it the energy of new beginnings and romantic vibes, the Libra full moon is all about finding more balance in your life — leave it to the scales sign to encourage such a thing.

According to Cafe Astrology, the seeds that were planted around the new moon might now start to bloom thanks to the Libra full moon. With the full moon energy swirling around, remember that you might be experiencing heightened emotions and relationship drama as these are themes of this particular moon.

The moon is urging you to find a balance in your life — specifically between meeting your own needs as well as attending to the needs of others. According to Cafe Astrology, the sun is currently in Aries, which forms an opposition to the Libra full moon. The Aries sun values authenticity over tact and values independence, so the full moon could illuminate this conflict between the Aries and Libra energy.

Despite the full moon occurring yesterday, this energy will linger for some time so you may feel sensitive, internal and creative for the time being, says The Chalkboard Mag. Past or current wounds might reopen during this time, so be gentle with yourself and take the time to move through these feelings.

This is the perfect energy to use for solo time, where you can engage in self-love activities and tune into what you want for the coming month.

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