The Deeper Meanings Behind Lili Reinhart's 5 Tiny Tattoos

Getty / Chelsea Guglielmino
  • Lili Reinhart has five known tattoos so far.
  • The star got her first ink back in 2015, slowly adding to her collection since.
  • Reinhart has also revealed many of the meanings behind her tattoos, so we’re breaking them down one by one.

You may know that Lili Reinhart is one of the main characters on The CW’s Riverdale, but there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye. For example, did you know she also has a lot of tiny tattoos? Most of the designs are hidden – albeit easy to spot if she is wearing short-sleeves – but many might not know the deeper meanings behind each piece of ink.

Whether it’s a matching design she got with a friend or one that symbolises getting through a difficult time in her life, Reinhart’s tattoos all have a special meaning. The actor has five known tattoos so far, one as recently as April 2021, and has stated she’s not done yet. In fact, according to an interview with Refinery29, she would love to get one with all of her Riverdale co-stars and crew members, but she doesn’t think they’d be up for it. “Me and my makeup artist have discussed getting a tattoo actually,” she told the publication. “We’re both obsessed with Moulin Rouge! – and so is Camila [Mendes]. She only has one tattoo though, whereas I have four . . . she’s afraid to get another.”

Still, each of the tattoos Reinhart has gotten have an equally special story or meaning. Keep scrolling for our breakdown to the actor’s collection of body art.

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