Lindsay Lohan Reveals the Cult Nail Brand She Wore on “The Parent Trap”

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Lindsay Lohan just served up some serious nostalgia for Vogue’s “Life in Looks” video series. The actor teamed up with the magazine to relive her fashion and beauty evolution from 1998 to now, and it’s the best walk down memory lane.

While reminiscing about her hair transformation for “Freaky Friday,” Lohan admitted that her colourist at the time, Tracey Cunningham, was “so upset” over the bright blonde chunky highlights she gave her to portray angsty teen Anna Coleman. “I was just really rocking the Avril Lavigne vibe because that was my character, and I took it into my daily life, which – love Avril Lavigne – but for me was not working on a daily basis.”

Speaking of “Freaky Friday,” Lohan revealed that she did her own nails for the movie, purposely chipping them to add to her character’s punk-rock look. Now that’s some serious dedication. On the topic of nail polish, she also recalled adamantly requesting that she wear cult beauty brand Hard Candy’s shiny blue nail colour as Hallie Parker on “The Parent Trap.” “I was so strong on the fact that I had to wear nail polish as Hallie, and it had to be the blue Hard Candy. I regretted that later because when I had to switch over between both characters it was a nightmare for everyone,” the newly engaged star said. Hey, it was the ’90s, and she was a pre-teen at the time – we totally get it.

“Never highlight your own hair at home with just bleach.”

Of course, Lohan also touched on the times she traded in her natural red hair colour for various shades of blonde. Ahead of her role on the 2004 flick “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” she took it upon herself to execute the strawberry-blonde hair transformation alongside a costar. “I bought bleach on my own. I remember Megan Fox was with me, and I was like, ‘Don’t tell them but I’m highlighting my own hair,’ she said, adding a valid warning: “Never highlight your own hair at home with just bleach.”

Watch Lohan’s full Vogue video ahead to see the star walk through these and other beauty moments from her decades-long career.

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