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L'Oreal Paris Releases Vibrant Single Eye Shadows For $13.95

Bright, popping eye colour reminiscent of the 80s are taking over Instagram and runways alike. That being said, it's not the easiest trend to pull off unless you have the right eye shadow. Enter L'Oréal Paris' new Colour Queen Mono Eyeshadow collection.

The formula of this one is able to get highly pigmented and vibrant colours thanks to it's fine oil and powder combination, which results in a creamy, non-flakey texture. You'll need an incredibly rich colour like the ones in this range to pull off the trend in the right way.

You actually don't need any application tools with this shadow, just your finger. The colour is quite strong, so we recommend starting off with a light layer and building it up depending on how bright you want it. Violet, in particular, has been embraced by celebrities. You can discover how to nail the technique yourself right here.

I don't know about you, but I love a trend that doesn't require expert tricks or complicated application techniques.

It's also fun to harken back to the days when you could just buy one eye shadow colour (in this case for around $13.95) that were easy to carry around in your bag, instead of forking out for a whole palette that doesn't necessarily float your boat and that you probably won't use.

The Colour Queen Mono Eyeshadow range gives you 20 different shades to choose from so you can really match the colour to your mood. There's also three different finishes to choose from — matte for that velvety look, satin for a pearly shine and (my personal favourite because I'm like a crow and can't resist sparkly things) foil for a metallic shimmer.

Get your hands on them and let your eyes shine bright like a diamond here.

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