Lush Launches New Hair Care Range for Afro Textured Hair


Cosmetics brand Lush has launched a new hair care range that caters specifically to Afro-textured hair. Working with Afro Hair Specialist, Sarah Sango — who has 19 years of experience in the industry — Lush’s cosmetic formulators have developed a range of six new products.

Sango joined Lush over two years ago and identified an opportunity to expand the hair range to further encompass the needs of those with Afro hair. And now, the line includes a co-wash, two conditioners and three styling products — all of which were inspired by Sango’s family recipes and experiences in the industry.

“Family inspired recipes, made with natural ingredients that love on the curls and coils of Afro hair. When I look at these six products sitting together, I think joyous thoughts, knowing from cleansing to defining my style there is finally an Afro Hair Care range available for the community in every Lush store,” Sango said in a press release.

The two new conditioners and the co-wash are designed to give curls and coils a boost of hydration. The Avocado Co-Wash ($19.95) contains fresh avo and is packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, which help keep your scalp clean and your hair healthy. The two conditioners were created to help detangle hair and infuse as much hydration into the hair as possible.

When it comes to the styling products, these use the LOC method. “LOC is an abbreviation for ‘Liquid, Oil & Cream’,” Sango said. “This method involves applying three products in a particular order onto freshly washed hair.

“You can follow by twisting or braiding the hair strands together for a protective style, or just leave to air dry. This method helps to lock moisture into curls, leaving hair thoroughly moisturised. Wearing your hair in a protective style after using the LOC Method is a great way to style and define curls without the use of heat.”

The Afro Hair Care range is available online and in-store at Lush.

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