I Tried Lush’s “Saltburn” Bath Bomb, Inspired by That Bath Scene, and I Have Thoughts

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If you missed the hit film “Saltburn”, released in November 2023, where have you been? The salacious movie starring Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan, and British favourites Richard E Grant and Rosamund Pike was the talk of group chats over Christmas when it took to Prime Video. “Saltburn”‘s success (including multiple award nominations and being responsible for Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s resurgence) is arguably down to its shocking and disturbingly scandalous scenes that have skyrocketed to virality on social media.

Scenes we’ll safely label as the “period snack” and “graveyard thrust” have been widely discussed online, but not as much as the infamously controversial bathtub scene where – spoiler alert – Keoghan’s character, Oliver Quick, watches Felix Catton (Elordi) masturbate while bathing, and then sneaks in and licks Felix’s remnants from the plughole. Yes, I was watching through my fingers, too.

Fresh off the back of the social media furore, beauty retailer Lush has wasted no time in launching a limited-edition bath bomb, creatively titled Saltbomb (£5), so you can, erm, recreate the scene in wellbeing form. It promises to create salty, milky bathwater, packed full of moisture and minerals for a soothing experience fit for an aristocrat. Now, we know what you’re thinking: is this really necessary? Fortunately, I’ve tried it out to let you know whether a bath à la “Saltburn” can really elevate the experience or leave you feeling dirtier than before your soak.

About Lush’s “Saltburn” Bath Bomb

  • Key ingredients are coconut milk powder and mineral-rich coarse sea salt.
  • It smells the same as the reusable Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£9) – a sweet orange and earthy patchouli scent.
  • As with all Lush products, it’s vegan, cruelty free, and plastic free.
  • What I Liked About Lush’s “Saltburn” Bath Bomb

    Throughout my soak, I did my best to keep what the silky sensation and milky experience was supposed to represent to the back of my mind. As the bath bomb fizzed, the water quickly turned into a traditional white, soapy foam, yet when I stepped into the bath tub, the creamy concoction was obvious. And I liked it.

    At first, the scent was not to my fancy, but after bathing in the remnants of the Saltbomb, the invigorating, citrusy scent quickly won me over. As the notes of sweet orange and patchouli dominate, I couldn’t help but pick up on a cotton fragrance, like fresh laundry, that made me feel refreshed and squeaky clean, while creating a grounding atmosphere perfect for winding down.

    Laced with nourishing coconut and exfoliating sea salt, it made my skin feel soft and moisturised, which is all I ask of a luxurious bath bomb. While the “Saltburn” theme might be a gimmick in terms of marketing, it’s certainly no fad for your bathroom cupboard. Keoghan’s slurping aside, if you can take your mind away from the dark, erotic scene, then it makes for a truly relaxing experience.

    What To Consider About Lush’s “Saltburn” Bath Bomb

    As I continued to bathe, the foam dissolved creating an icy-white, opaque bathwater that resembled the bathtub scene way too much for my liking and my thoughts got the better of me, so if that scene is too prominent in your memory, flashbacks may occur!

    I did want the white, foamy initial form of the bath bomb to last longer. It was over too soon, cutting my bath time short, and encouraging me to reach for more bath bubbles. If you like a quick soak, then it’s fab. If you like to elongate your self-care bath time then prepare to top up.

    If you have a friend that was an Elordi superfan and loves a bath, then this is the perfect gift.

    Where to Buy Lush’s “Saltburn” Bath Bomb

    Saltbomb is a limited-edition treat from Lush. You can purchase it online and on the app.


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