I Got Eyelash Extensions Done By a Huge Robot, and Here’s How It Truly Went Down

POPSUGAR Photography / Courtesy of LUUM

As I walked into the LUUM headquarters in Oakland, CA, I was . . . a little nervous. As an editor who loves all things beauty, I volunteered to test out the the latest innovation in cosmetic technology: robotic eyelash extensions. That’s right, I was about to have a robot touch my lashes. Little did I know, it was actually going to be one of the most fun and relaxing experiences in all my years testing out new beauty trends. So how did it all go down?

When I walked into the room, I was immediately greeted by a lash artist – no, robots aren’t going to put these talented experts out of business. The lash artists are a very important part of the LUUM experience – they give you personal style consultations, preservice lash prep, bespoke styling, and touch-ups after the robot does its work. She was extremely comforting and explained exactly what was going to happen before I climbed into a huge, plush lounger under a massive machine. I even got cozy socks and a weighted blanket, which helped me relax.

Once I was laying under the robotic machine, the artist cleaned and prepped my lashes; then she put undereye patches on my face that had little barcodes on them. These patches help to guide the machine when it’s in action. Once I was ready to go, I was lowered under the machine with my eyes closed, and the artist let me know that the robot was about to begin.

What happened next is what truly blew my mind. When LUUM tells you that getting extensions done by their machine feels like “butterfly kisses,” they aren’t lying. It was the lightest, softest touch, so delicate I could barely feel it. Each eye took about 15-20 minutes, and it was so soothing, I almost fell asleep.

Once I was finished, the artist pulled me out from the robot and spent an additional 30 minutes giving me touch-ups, so my eyelashes looked absolutely perfect. The result was wispy, fluffy lashes that I absolutely loved. They looked fantastic.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable and just as great as previous eyelash extensions I’ve received. I’m sure you have plenty more questions, so keep reading to get all the details on LUUM’s robotic eyelash extensions – I break it all down ahead.

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