An Exhaustive Guide to Machine Gun Kelly’s 90+ Tattoos

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Machine Gun Kelly’s love for body art is no secret. The musician is one of the most decorated artists, with his expansive ink collection covering nearly every inch of skin on his upper body – save for his face. MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, has been steadily accumulating tattoos since he was only 14 years old. Now, he has a total of more than 90 designs. But even though he started at a young age, his intent with body artwork has always been clear: “I believe tattoos are a lifestyle, not a fashion trend,” the “Bird Box” actor said during a 2010 interview.

In recent years, the “Emo Girl” singer has expanded his assortment of ink exponentially, getting sweet matching tattoos with his then-fiancée, Megan Fox, and commemorative ink with Travis Barker to celebrate new music (Barker’s tattoo collection is equally impressive).

When you’re covered in as many tattoos as Kelly, you’re eventually bound to run out of blank canvas to work with. This a problem the pop-punk musician has an imaginative solution for. Instead of covering up his existing tattoos or getting them removed, he’s decided to overlap pieces, allowing his fresh ink to coexist alongside his old designs with some creative placement ideas. For instance, his left upper arm showcases a black linear blast-over pattern, which still allows the older ink to peek through.

While his sprawling tattoo assortment incorporates everything from meaningful script pieces to intricate illustrations, perhaps what truly sets MGK’s tattoos apart are their colorful nature. From multiple pieces that proudly flaunt his Cleveland roots to his reimaginations of classic works from artists Banksy and Salvador Dalí, here’s your exhaustive guide to all of Kelly’s tattoos and their meanings.

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