Maddie Ziegler Opens Up About Her Experience With Back Acne

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Maddie Ziegler is opening up about her experience with body acne. The actor and dancer wrote a message to her followers via her Instagram Story talking about how she’s been dealing with back acne for some time now. “I have had back acne for over two years,” Ziegler writes. “It’s a bacterial/yeast problem. I do all the things, it won’t go away and I’m very insecure about it. Does anyone have any recommendations to deal with this?”

Ziegler isn’t alone here. She’s the latest celebrity to openly share their experience with acne and skin insecurities. Actor and host Keke Palmer previously opened up about her battle with PCOS, which caused her to have severe bouts of acne. YouTube star Emma Chamberlain also previously discussed her acne journey in an interview with POPSUGAR, saying, “I fully understand that no matter what anybody says it’s really, really tough and there’s nothing that anybody can say or do to make it any easier. . . It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve personally ever dealt with self-esteem-wise and just in general, in life.”

While “cures” for back acne vary, there are some ways to help manage breakouts. Using physical exfoliants, changing your sheets at least once per week, and using lightweight moisturisers instead of heavy butters have all been said to help address body acne. However, if you have a more severe case, it is always best to do these steps in tandem with seeking help from a professional dermatologist.

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