Inclusive Beauty: The Makeup Brushes Designed For People With Motor Disabilities

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When it comes to inclusivity in the beauty industry, there is still a long way to go. When we say inclusivity, we don’t just mean in the form of larger shade ranges and products specifically designed for people of colour, we’re also referring to products that cater for people with disabilities.

Accessibility within the beauty industry is a topic that needs more light shone on it, especially when it comes to the creation of products. One brand that is doing its part is Kohl Kreatives and more specifically, the brand’s makeup brush kit called The Flex Collection (£44.99/approximately $80 AUD).

The collection, which is made up of five makeup brushes, is designed to make makeup application slightly easier. All of the brushes have flat bottoms, so can stand by themselves, and have been created to bend all the way forwards and backwards “allowing the user to apply makeup in a way that’s comfortable for them,” says Kohl Kreatives. “These brushes are perfect for everyone, even those who struggle with motor disabilities!”

Creating a makeup brush with a flexible head allows for greater accessibility of the product — something you might not have previously thought of when it came to makeup brushes. This allows people to use the brushes one-handed or use other body parts in the process, including feet.

The Flex Collection by Kohl Kreatives

“I apply makeup with Kohl Kreatives brushes that I grip with my feet,” Christina Mallon, Head of Inclusive Design at creative agency Wunderman Thompson told The Zoe Report. “These brushes have bendable heads for easier application.”

When you purchase The Flex Collection brushes, Kohl Kreatives recommends getting in touch with the brand as the company has designed makeup tutorials specifically for those with motor disabilities. “We offer personalised tutorials online to help support those with motor disabilities or illnesses use their makeup brushes independently with confidence!” says Kohl Kreatives.

While one brand can’t take on an entire industry that needs to change, it is a small and extremely positive step towards creating products that are more accessible for all people. And, while Kohl Kreatives is based in the UK, the brand ships worldwide so you can get your hands on these brushes here in Australia.

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