I Challenged Myself to Try 3 New Makeup Looks This Week to Remember That Life Is Still Good

POPSUGAR Photography / Rachael Edwards

One question I’ve been asked the most on my Instagram is, “Why are you wearing so much makeup at home?” First of all: my face, my business. But the answer is simpler than that: looking and feeling good about yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. When I was younger, I remember my mother explaining to me why she took my younger sister and me to the hair salon every two weeks. This ritual was important, she explained, because everyone deserves to feel good about themselves – and honestly, it’s a natural mood booster. I can’t help but to feel myself when my eye makeup is poppin’ versus a day when I just slap on chapstick and call it.

Even in this very strange and uncertain time, I didn’t want to put makeup on my face just to solidify some normalcy in my life, but rather to remind myself that life is still colourful and there’s always time to play in the hobbies that you love. Mine just so happens to be makeup! So, I decided to buy new products that I usually do not have time to try.

This week, I challenged myself to create three completely different makeup looks using all the colours I wouldn’t normally buy – and I’m so glad I did. Keep scrolling to see the results.

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