Megan Fox on Her Plastic Surgery: “I Hope It Sets Some People Free”

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Megan Fox recently got very candid about her plastic surgery. On a new episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, which debuted on March 19, Fox and host Alexandra Cooper do a deep dive into Fox’s life, and the actor doesn’t hold back. They discuss lighthearted topics, like Fox’s sleeve tattoo, and how she became a “victim” of the app Temu, but they also touch on heavier subjects, like Fox’s relationship with her body.

Early on in the episode, Fox mentions that she’s had body dysmorphia since she was “probably 5.” “Whenever I would look in the mirror as a child, I was like, ‘That’s not me,” she says. “That never felt like me, nothing about that face, the hair, the skin color, the body . . . I never associated that with me.”

During this point in the conversation, she also briefly touches on her breast augmentation. “My mom said that I used to go into the bathroom and stand on the toilet and pull up my shirt to see if my boobies had grown, and I would get really upset that I didn’t have big boobs, and now, $30,000 later, now I do,” Fox says.

Later on in the episode, she goes into more detail on what she has and hasn’t done. “Can we just talk about plastic surgery?” she asks Cooper. “I’m just gonna go through all of the things that I’ve done.” Before elaborating, she shares a refreshing take on the topic: “I feel like there’s this stigma, and I’m not gonna win. . . . However, I’m hoping it sets some people free.”

She starts off by listing things she “[hasn’t] done but [has] been accused of doing.” The first procedure she mentions never getting is a facelift – though she also says she’s not against getting one eventually. “I’ve never had a facelift of any kind: no mid facelift, no lateral brow lift – although I would like one – [and] no regular brow lift,” she says. She also says she’s never tried threads because she doesn’t “really believe they work,” and she’s afraid they’d interfere when she does need to have a facelift later on.

She mentions she’s never had buccal fat removal, saying, “I’ll never have any fat removed. I’m a very lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face, so I will only ever put fat in – I will never take fat out.”

This is the same reason she’s never had liposuction, body contouring, or a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), although she would get the latter done if she could. “It’s gotta stop people in their tracks,” Fox says of her hypothetical BBL.

As for breast augmentation, Fox says she’s undergone the surgery three times. “I had my boobs done when I was 21 or 22, I had them redone when I was done breastfeeding my kids, and then I had to have them redone very recently because the first set, I didn’t have enough body fat to disguise [the] rippling of the implant, so I had to switch them out to this set.”

She also had a rhinoplasty, or nose job, when she was in her early 20s, more than a decade ago. Though she’s been accused of getting it done multiple times, she says it’s all makeup. “I like to contour it down until it’s just nostrils, like Voldemort – no nose, just two holes.”

When Cooper asks whether Fox has had Botox and fillers, Fox confirms she’s tried both. Then, she shares there’s one additional thing she’s had done that she doesn’t plan on divulging (though she does promise to tell Cooper off camera later). “I’m gatekeeping because it was really good, and it’s not a known plastic surgery,” she says. “People don’t even really know about it.”

We’ll just have to wait and see if Fox eventually chooses to share her secret with the rest of the world.

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