Was Meghan Markle’s Bold Eyeliner During Her Oprah Interview a Subtle Nod to Princess Diana?


It’s no secret that royal fashion and beauty looks are always carefully considered. Each colour, designer, and style is deliberate. That’s why when the first trailer clip of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s much-anticipated interview with Oprah was released, we were transfixed by Markle’s makeup. The bold eyeliner and shadow combination seems to be a very intentional choice for the historic television appearance.

Princess Diana was the main topic of conversation in the interview trailer, so it’s no surprise that the duke and duchess wanted to honour her in many ways for the occasion. For one, Markle wore a diamond tennis bracelet once owned by Princess Diana. The duchess also appears to have replicated Diana’s strong eye makeup that the princess wore for her 1995 BBC Panorama interview. Much like Diana’s monumental TV interview, Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down with Oprah is about them taking control of their own narrative, which is why we can’t help but see the resemblances between the two’s makeup – especially since Markle often keeps her eye makeup fairly understated for public appearances.

Both looks included black kohl eyeliner along the entire waterline, with the same shade taken along the upper and lower lash line, topped off with a neutral pink lip to keep the spotlight on the bold eye makeup.

Now, sure, this similarity could just be a coincidence, but knowing the royals and their careful consideration of their aesthetic choices, it seems likely that Markle wanted to honour Diana and replicate some beauty tips from her past for the Sussex’s historic moment. And even if she didn’t have Diana in mind for this makeup look, both the princess and the duchess have made a case for how a powerful makeup look can draw viewers’ attention to their eyes – and their words.

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