Why Actress Melanie Jarnson Never Uses Oil-Based Lip Products Before Going Outside

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After years spent on sets as an actor and model, it’s safe to say that Melanie Jarnson has learnt a few beauty tips and tricks along the way. In her personal life, one of Jarnson’s biggest beauty rules that she never breaks is wearing sunscreen. No matter the weather, SPF is Jarnson’s best friend and a habit taught to her by her mother.

“I grew up in Southeast Asia — mostly in Thailand and India — so we spent a lot of time outdoors and at the beach or in the ocean and even when you weren’t it’s really hot so you don’t wear that many clothes,” Jarnson told POPSUGAR Australia.

“My mum is Caucasian so she knows the importance of sunblock. She actually grew up in Australia so she brought all of that, you know, sun damage knowledge over to Thailand, where nobody really was wearing sunblock unless they’re trying to adhere to the light skin standards. We just thought that the more melanin we had in our skin, the less prone we were to sun damage and that’s just not the case.”

After experiencing sun damage on her face, Jarnson became committed to the use of SPF in order to protect her skin and reverse some of the damage that had already been done.

“That’s why I’m a huge advocate for sunblock. I’m just trying to make up for all the time I spent in the sun without it,” Jarnson said. “It’s just really important. I didn’t realise how insanely common melanomas are… it’s crazy. When I’m around women in their 40s and 50s they often talk about it like it’s a norm and it just shouldn’t be a norm.”

This love of sunscreen also extends to skincare, with Jarnson admitting she is “obsessed”, which makes her most recent role with Ella Baché all the more exciting. Jarnson is the face of Ella Baché’s latest campaign called BOLD BEYOND BEAUTY — an opportunity she says has been the “most wonderful experience”.

“Because I’m not from Australia, I didn’t know much about Ella Baché before they reached out to me,” Jarnson said. “I told my boyfriend that I booked it and he told me all about Ella Baché and got me really excited. I was so honoured an Australian beauty brand, especially one as respected as Ella Baché, wanted to work with me.”

“The ‘BOLD BEYOND BEAUTY’ campaign is all about celebrating Australian women, and it was such an incredible, diverse crew and cast of girls in the campaign. I feel super honoured.”

Besides her holy grail SPF, Jarnson has a few firm favourites from the Ella Baché line including the Collagen+ Treatment Oil, which she uses every morning for its hydrating benefits as well as the Rose Hydration Mist.

“I’ve been putting this on my face every single day and I’m like Gollum without it,” Jarnson said. “My skin is really dry, whenever I’m dry or tired or dehydrated it wakes my skin back up. The hydration is insane and I’ve also found that lots of makeup artists have been using it at photoshoots. I don’t even know what my skin is like without it now, it’s so good.”

As for those handy tips and tricks she’s gleaned while on-set, Jarnson points to some advice given to her by makeup artist Rae Morris, which is incredibly handy for those who slather on oil-based lip products before heading out into the sun.

“I learned from Rae Morris to never put lanolin or anything that’s oil-based on your lips at a shoot that’s outdoors, because it will burn your lips. That’s a very good beauty tip,” Jarnson said.

“I had no idea as well, like I really had no clue, I was working and putting that stuff on my lips and then going out in the sun and it was doing the opposite of what I thought it was doing, so I think that’s my favourite one.”

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