How ‘Beauty For All’ Has Shaped Each of Milk Makeup’s Products, According to Its Founders


Cult brand Milk Makeup is the brainchild of four creatives. Founded by Mazdack Rassi (the co-founder of Milk Studios), Dianna Ruth, Georgie Greville and Zanna Roberts Rassi (beauty and fashion editor and E! News correspondent) the brand was largely inspired by the creativity of New York and the people who inhabit the city.

“The genesis of Milk Makeup was Milk Studios downtown NYC! A hub for creativity that connected emerging and established talent across numerous industries — art, fashion, beauty and music,” Zanna Roberts Rassi told POPSUGAR Australia.

“Trendsetters and early adopters. There were no clear trends or gender lines—everything was fluid and each person who walked through our doors had a style that was uniquely their own. We wanted to challenge the idea of predictable (one-size-fits-all) beauty and provide products to this diverse community with makeup that serves as an extension of their creativity and a way to express themselves.”

The genius of Milk Makeup is the multipurpose nature of the products. Many of the products come in stick form and are designed to be used a number of different ways. According to Roberts Rassi, this was inspired by the fact the co-founders were all working parents.

“We craved utilitarian and multifunctional makeup,” she said. “Motivated in part by the fact all four of us were busy working parents to young children. We had very few minutes to spare to get ready, and usually one-handed with children hanging off us! We craved formulas that were multi-purpose, easy-to-use and clean!”

While the function of the products was high on the list of priorities for the four co-founders, they were also intent on creating makeup products that weren’t for a particular gender but rather, would cater for all people. Milk Makeup is for all who want to use it.

“Our community and culture have always been our inspiration and we see personal style and experimentation as the ultimate forms of self-expression,” Roberts Rassi said. “It’s not just about how you create your look; it’s what you do in it that matters.

“Since our inception, we have always championed ‘beauty for all’ and our products are designed to be used by everyone. We’re committed to diversity and inclusivity, and we strive to ensure the people in our marketing campaigns and on our social feeds — the people you see wearing our products — are representative of that commitment.”

All of Milk Makeup’s products are also clean, vegan and cruelty-free — qualities that were important to the co-founders. “Clean, vegan and cruelty-free have always been a priority for the brand,” said co-founder, Dianna Ruth, who works in product design and formula innovation within the company.

“However, when it comes to clean, there is no universal definition. We will continue to monitor the ever-changing guidelines to ensure we’re constantly evolving and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards.”

Milk Makeup has developed a loyal following of fans since its launch five years ago, but beauty lovers in Australia haven’t been able to try the beloved products for themselves, until now. As of March 30, you’ll be able to get your hands on Milk Makeup in Sephora Australia and New Zealand.

When it comes to her favourite products, Ruth recommends Australian and New Zealand customers try the KUSH High Volume Mascara and the Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30, which is a tinted moisturiser, face oil and SPF in one and comes in a refillable dispenser. Primer enthusiasts should also check out the Hydro Grip Primer.

“Primers are traditionally used by heavy makeup wearers — and the formula is great for that — but it also gives bare skin a beautiful, glassy sheen. Unlike most makeup primers, it’s super hydrating and 94% natural,” Ruth said.

“The KUSH High Volume Mascara is one of our most beloved products. The clean formula uses conditioning hemp-derived cannabis seed oil and heart-shaped fibres to leave lashes fluffy, full, with lots of volumes. Never crunchy!”

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