Here’s How You Should Care For Your Hair If It’s 2 Different Textures


Having textured hair is a journey all on its own, but it’s a completely different ball game if you’re a person whose hair is multitextured. What is that, exactly? Multitextured hair is just hair that isn’t all one curl pattern, so instead of having just curly hair, you might have wavy curls at the front of your head with a tighter pattern in the back. Or if you’re a new natural, you could be growing out your chemically straightened hair before cutting it off completely. Complex as it sounds, it’s actually pretty common, and even though caring for multiple textures sounds like it’d be a bit frustrating, there’s a way to keep your multitextured curls healthy and happy without the added difficulty.

According to an expert, you can start by making sure you’re co-washing your hair as often as possible. “I am a major proponent of frequent co-washes in the shower,” Whitney Eaddy, natural hairstylist and owner of Her Growing Hands, told POPSUGAR. “Co-washing in the shower and working the product throughout your hair using a detangling brush under cold water is such a great way to add lustre all the way through, hydrate, and deeply define the multiple textures of your hair. By doing this, you’re making sure that each texture is replenished with the good stuff.”

Things can get a bit more complicated when it comes to styling, though, since the different sections of your hair will probably behave in different ways depending on their textures.

“For people who have multiple textures, I think it’s important to use a little more finesse in your styling,” Eaddy said. “For example, if you want to do a wash and go, you’re going to have to take some time with this, resulting in a less on-the-go look. With multiple textures, you need to section your hair out and finger coil your strands all the way through. This ensures more of a uniform curl pattern throughout your hair and helps add more definition to your curls.”

The sections of your hair that are different textures might also require different products, or even different amounts of products.

This essentially means making sure all of the moisturising and nourishing products you put on your hair while it’s being washed are evenly distributed. In a lot of cases, the sections of your hair that are different textures might also require different products, or even different amounts of products. In those instances, it’s mainly important to use your discretion on what kinds of moisturizers or treatments work the best for you, personally.

“It’s important to make sure that you’re getting extra hydration hair therapy to the kinkier and curlier textures of your hair,” Eaddy said. “For the most part, I think it’s about knowing which parts of your hair need the extra TLC. If you can make sure all textures of your hair get the amount of love they need to thrive, you will have happier and more defined curls.”

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