Exactly When You Can Expect the Nail Salons in Your State to Reopen

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UPDATE: At the start of July, plans for “close contact” businesses to reopen were in at least the initial stages in all 50 states, with nail salons across the country slowly starting to invite customers back in. Now, two weeks later, officials have been forced to reevaluate reopening plans as the number of novel coronavirus cases in states like Florida, Texas, Alabama, and California continues to surge.

On July 14, Gov. Gavin Newsom rolled back plans to reopen nail salons in several counties in California. While many other states’ officials are considering following suit, as of now, California remains the only state to do so.

This story was originally published on May 15.

For weeks, the novel coronavirus pandemic has shuttered nail salons (among other service-oriented beauty stores) nationwide. Classified as both nonessential businesses and “close contact” services, the rapid, widespread closures have left employees without work and clients without access to routine nail maintenance. Now, things are slowly starting to reopen.

As of May 15 – after stay-at-home orders have expired in several states – more than half of the US will at least partially reopen within the next few days. For some, like Georgia and Alaska, nail salons have reopened in the earliest phases. Others will have to wait a bit longer. But no matter when your state gives the green light, strict hygiene procedures, reduced capacity, and social distancing measures should be expected. Many state officials are urging people to proceed with caution, too.

Curious when your local nail salon will be allowed to open its doors? Ahead, we’ve provided status updates – from openings to extended closures and beyond – for all 50 states.


In Alabama, a stay-at-home order expired on April 30, and was replaced with a “safer-at-home” plan. Nail salons have started reopening on May 15, with the requirement that plexiglas must be installed between the nail technician and client.


Alaska eased its statewide restrictions on April 24. As a result, nail salons are now reopened, but are required to adhere to several requirements.


Arizona’s stay-at-home order expired May 15, and nail salons are allowed to reopen with safety measures in place.


Arkansas never saw a statewide stay-at-home order, but several restrictions have been enforced throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Cosmetology-related businesses, including nail salons, started reopening on May 6.


California was the first state in the nation to declare a formal stay-at-home order. Governor Gavin Newsom stated in a news briefing that the first California case of coronavirus started in a nail salon, and the state’s reopening plans remain uncertain for now.


Colorado’s stay-home order expired on April 26. Adopting a “safer-at-home” approach instead, businesses will reopen in phases. Nail salons were free to resume business with social distancing precautions as of May 1.


Connecticut’s stay-at-home order was put in place March 23 and was recently extended to May 20. Nail salons are currently closed.


A shelter-in-place order has shut down Delaware’s nonessential businesses since March 24. Currently set to expire May 31, nail salons remain closed until at least this date.


In Florida, a mandated stay-at-home order expired on May 4. During phase one of its reopening plan, nail salons can operate at 25-percent capacity.


Georgia’s statewide shelter-in-place order expired April 30, but nail salons have been back in business since April 24.


In Hawaii, a stay-at-home order has been in effect since March 25. As of now, this is set to expire May 31, with nail salons and other nonessential businesses remaining closed.


Idaho’s stay-at-home order expired April 30, replaced by a four-stage reopening plan. Hair salons can reopen in phase two (potentially mid-to-late May), although the status of nail salons specifically is unclear.


The stay-at-home order in Illinois, effective since March 21, was recently extended to May 31. Select outdoor activities have since been reopened, but nail salons and other nonessential businesses will remain closed.


Originally put in place March 24, Indiana’s stay-at-home order was expected to expire May 1. Nail salons can reopen on May 11.


One of a handful of states without a formal stay-at-home order, Iowa loosened restrictions in 77 of its 99 counties on May 1. Nail salons have been allowed to reopen with limitations as of May 15.


The stay-at-home order in Kansas expired May 3, with a phased reopening beginning May 4. Nail salons are part of a later phase and will be allowed to open by appointment only starting May 18.


Kentucky has been restricted by a “healthy-at-home” order since March 26. Like many other states, a multiphase reopening will occur if declining numbers remain consistent. May 25 is the current target date for nail salons to resume business.


Louisiana’s stay-at-home order expired on May 15. Governor John Bel Edwards green-lit gradual reopenings for May 16, including nail salons.


Maine’s stay-at-home order, which expired April 30, was replaced by a four-stage reopening plan. Nail salons will be allowed to resume business June 1 with limitations.


In effect since March 30, Maryland’s stay-at-home order expired May 15. Nonessential businesses, including nail salons, are allowed to reopen with social-distancing requirements.


Massachusetts extended its stay-at-home order to May 18. It is currently unclear when nail salons will reopen.


Michigan’s stay-at-home order, in effect since March 24, has been extended to May 28. Nail salons are currently closed.


The stay-at-home order in Minnesota is set to expire May 17, though select industries were allowed to welcome employees back on April 27. Bars, restaurants, and nail salons will remain closed until June.


Mississippi’s shelter-in-place order expired on April 27. Following this, select restrictions were lifted, but nail salons and other personal-care businesses are still closed.


Under a stay-at-home order since April 6, Missouri reopened May 4. Nail salons were among the businesses allowed to resume operations on this day.


The stay-at-home order in Montana expired April 26. Though the state is reopening in phases, nail salons were part of the first group to welcome customers back on April 27.


Nebraska never saw a statewide stay-at-home order, but like many states in a similar situation, nonessential businesses were restricted. On May 4, nail salons were allowed to begin reopening.


Nevada’s stay-at-home order expired on May 9. Nail salons were able to reopen with guidelines in place.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, a stay-at-home order is set to expire May 31, with a “state of emergency” declaration through at least May 15. Nail salons were allowed to begin reopening on May 11.

New Jersey

Effective since March 21, New Jersey’s stay-at-home order is set to expire June 5. Nail salons will stay closed for the time being.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s recently extended stay-at-home order is set to expire May 31. It’s currently unclear when nail salons will be allowed to reopen.

New York

In New York, where US coronavirus cases are the highest, a stay-at-home order expired May 15. Low-risk businesses upstate may begin reopening around this time, but there are currently no specific plans for nail salons to reopen.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s stay-at-home order has been extended to May 22. Nonessential and “close-contact” businesses will remain closed for now, including nail salons.

North Dakota

Following mass closures (but no statewide stay-at-home order), businesses in North Dakota were allowed to reopen May 1. This includes nail salons.


Ohio’s stay-at-home order expired May 1, but was replaced with a “Stay Safe Ohio Order,” under which businesses are reopening in phases. Retail stores can reopen May 12, but nail salons and personal-care businesses will stay closed until a date is announced.


Oklahoma, where a stay-at-home order was never issued, permitted nail salons to reopen statewide on April 24.


Oregon’s stay-at-home order lifted on May 15. Nail salons are part of phase one of reopenings, but strict restrictions will be in place.


In Pennsylvania, select counties in the northwestern and central parts of the state may begin reopening as soon as May 8. Nail salons were included in the early reopenings.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s statewide stay-at-home expired on May 8. Its reopening plan will likely occur in phases, with nail salons welcoming customers back in late May, during phase two.

South Carolina

South Carolina was one of the last states to issue a stay-at-home order, and one of the first to begin reopening plans on April 20. Nail salons can begin reopening on May 18.

South Dakota

No stay-at-home order was issued in South Dakota, but nail salons continue to be shuttered. A “back to normal” plan has been announced, but no specific dates are set for reopening.


In Tennessee, a stay-at-home order expired April 30. Close contact services, including nail salons, started reopening on May 6 – however, a list of strict guidelines are in place.


The stay-at-home order in Texas expired April 30. Nail salons have been allowed to reopen with restrictions starting May 8.


Utah did not have a statewide stay-at-home order, but nail salons have been shuttered. As of May 1, they were allowed to reopen following safety and hygiene precautions.


Vermont extended the state’s emergency order to June 15, but the stay-at-home order was relaxed on May 15. Currently, there are no specific plans for reopening nail salons.


Effective since March 30, Virginia’s stay-at-home order will extend through June 10. Nail salons, however, can be open by appointment only and must abide by strict social-distancing measures.


In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee extended the stay-at-home order (effective since March 23) to the end of May, with no specific plans to reopen nail salons.

West Virginia

West Virginia began reopening after its stay-at-home order expired May 4. Nail salons were then allowed to begin reopening as part of the state’s “safer-at-home” plan.


Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order was recently extended to May 26. Nail salons remain closed for now.


In Wyoming, statewide restrictions began to lift on May 1. As a result, nail salons were able to resume business at reduced capacity.

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