Fans Are in Meltdown Over Naomi Pierce’s Mixie Cut in “Succession” Season 4 

Naomi Pierce appears in Succession Season 4 with a dramatic new haircut

We love a “revenge hair” moment here at POPSUGAR Australia. During the season 4 premiere of “Succession” Naomi Pierce, played by Annabelle Dexter-Jones, served us a lesson in meeting the ex with a cropped “mixie” cut and smug expression.

Sadly, “Succession” fans aren’t as chill as we are, and many have been plunged into distress and despair following Naomi’s chop in Season 4.

Who Is Naomi Pierce? 

Naomi Pierce is Kendall Roy’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and a member of a rival media family. In “Succession” season 4, episode 1, the Roy kids are going about against their dad in an attempt to acquire Pierce Global Media. This brings Kendall and Naomi face-to-face for the first time since their breakup.

Meeting the ex as he comes hand in hat, begging to buy your family business is a delicious moment most of us will never know. Naomi makes the most of it, bounding down the steps of her family’s $30.8 million mansion with a suitably gleeful expression and playful new haircut: the “mixie” cut.

It’s a dramatic change for Naomi. In “Succession” season 3, the It-girl heiress served a series of sleek bobs, providing a perfect, glossy blonde foil to her perpetually melting down-boyfriend Kendall’s weatherbeaten appearance.

In season 4, they’re officially “off.” Kendall and Shiv are fretting that Naomi has been canoodling with Tom Wambsgams, Shiv’s estranged ex-husband. 

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Succession Fans Are Wrong, Naomi Pierce’s Haircut is Flawless 

Naomi Pierce with Kendall Roy in better times, and a different hairstyle
In better times with Kendall Roy, a sleek bob, and her staple black and white Proenza and Schouler look. Image Credit: HBO/BINGE

Being your boyfriend’s full-time PR gets boring, and Pierce has ditched both the polish and Kendall for a lower-maintenance lifestyle.

Firstly, it’s very in-keeping with Naomi Pierce’s character, who reliably serves drama. On her first “date” with Kendall the pair almost drunk-drove a chopper. Whether she’s hooking up with Wambsgam’s or not, Pierce is a welcome presence in the first episode. Her “mixie” cut shines amid a sea of conservative fashion and beauty looks. It’s also seriously on-trend.

Her “mixie” is a take on the trending “bixie” cut, a style that earnt its moniker for being half bob, half mullet. In season 4, Naomi has taken the chop even shorter and shaggier. It’s part Princess Diana, part Annie Lennox and all the mischievous, rebellious energy we’ve come to expect from the media heiress. The mixie is an especially flattering take on the pixie cut for those who, like Pierce, have delicate, sharp features and benefit from the softness and fullness of a traditional shag.

She pairs the look with a rust-red lip and a pair of Tom Ford shades you can see from space (sunglasses are a legitimate part of a beauty look, they cover more than Clé de Peau concealer can). 

Fans struggling to adjust to Naomi’s new look can take comfort in the fact she’s sticking to her black and white Proenza and Schouler uniform. But we’re hoping for more chaos from Naomi this season. Based on the first episode, we expect more fashion and beauty serves in season 4.

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