Can a Facial Improve Your Mental Wellbeing?

I’m often asked which facials I recommend and I always say the same thing, “Do you want to relax or do you want to improve your skin?” You would think this wouldn’t make a difference but, then I bet you’ve never had a chemical peel … Don’t get me wrong there is a place for a lovely cleanse, exfoliate, and massage-style facial, something you would get at a day spa. But if you want results you need heavy machinery, quite literally. I’m talking LED lights, laser, microdermabrasion, professional grade acid peels. These types of facials won’t send you to sleep (although I find LED lights weirdly soothing) but I assure you your skin will come out looking polished and gleaming like a pair of new patent shoes. That’s why I was intrigued to try Remedi Clinic Neuro Glow Facial. A treatment which the clinic suggests will not only leave you with glass skin, thanks in part a fractional laser device, but will also lower your cortisol levels to make you feel and look relaxed. The treatment also includes a touch of sound therapy, a guided meditation and three minutes in a cryotherapy chamber. Yep, when it comes to a hardworking, multi-purpose facial treatments this Neuro Glow facial is about as extreme as you will get.

But can a facial actually have a beneficial impact on your mental wellbeing? Even though I have always maintained you can use beauty as a self-care tool, I can’t say I was convinced. However, I was wrong. Read on to find out why.

What is a Neuro Glow Facial?

Coined as an emerging trend for 2024, the ‘Neuro Glow’ looks at the mind-skin connection, termed ’emotional beauty’. This holistic approach focuses on solutions to de-stress the skin by looking at the internal, as well as the external. This trend for facials that treat your mind as well as your skin is definitely something we are seeing more and more in the beauty space and I have always had a special interest in this type of connection as I truly believe how we look, depends on how we feel too. We carry stress throughout our bodies and often during hard times we carry that emotion on our face. Hence why people will often ask, “Are you ok?” when something is going on with us, without us saying a word.

“Aesthetics should not be about ‘fixing’ or masking one’s external features; we need to address the root cause of the ageing process,” says Dr Nima Mahmoodi, who created the Neuro Glow Facial after seeing a widespread acknowledgement of anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns and how they affect the way we look. “There has been an understanding that our inner feelings have a direct impact on how we feel and ‘radiate’ our ‘radiance’, which occurs from within, as stress is known to age and compromise health to increase the ageing process. Stress and other negative influences can trigger or increase levels of cortisol and long-term chronic levels of cortisol, which have a negative effect on our cells/inflammation,” he tells POPSUGAR UK.

What Happened When I Got a Neuro Glow Facial

The Neuro Glow facial starts with a short cryotherapy session. During this session you strip down into a vest and shorts, before being sent into a chamber where freezing cold air is blown at you for three minutes whilst you listen to your favourite song. It was the first time I’ve tried an ice chamber and I was quite prepared to hate it, however I found it really exhilarating and found myself really boosted from completing the full three minutes. I came out feeling slightly light-headed with a flushed face and ready for a lie down.

Which was lucky as the next part was the medi-facial. After a short skin consultation it was decided that I would have an express hydra-facial, where my skin was given a deep cleanse and exfoliating acid peel, before an intense laser was applied to give it a glass-like finish. To end the skin section of the facial and to calm any redness I was then placed under a Dermalux Triwave MD LED light for 10 minutes. During this session specific sound therapy audio was played to help me relax and lower my cortisol levels. I have always found sound therapy fascinating and tend to walk away from a session feeling lighter and more content, without really understanding why.

To finish the treatment I was sent to the clinic’s neuro-feedback device, the Rebalance Impulse. This is meant to help balance your nervous system, and is said to reduce stress by up to 60 percent per session. The large sloped bed contains a built in sound system where you can pick from one of the following programmes available: neuro-relaxation, sleep, emotional balance, slimming, addictions and pain management. I chose emotional balance, before laying back with the headphones and watching the soothing lights do their thing.

The Benefits of a Neuro Glow Facial

The mix of different style treatments means this is anything but a boring standard facial treatment. I don’t think I would have tried cryotherapy on its own, however packaged up with something that would benefit my skin I was more inclined to go for it. I definitely felt boosted by the session and would now love to have some more, as I felt it set me up for the rest of the day, feeling like I could achieve anything. The medi-facial is exactly how I like my facial treatments to be, short, sharp and effective. My skin glowed afterwards, someone even commented that I look like I had been polished, which is the ultimate feedback for any treatment in my opinion.

As for the rebalance impulse, I think this is great for people that really want to rest and get the full spa experience when they have a facial treatment as it makes you embrace your relaxed state and allows you to really indulge in the treatment. I found I spent the rest of the day in a bubble of positivity and even when my tube home was delayed and I nearly missed my children’s pick-up I didn’t feel myself getting anxious. I felt like I had spent the morning having a deep therapy session where I’d uncovered some deep childhood trauma and a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.


Things to Consider Before a Neuro Glow Facial

It is expensive. At £350 this is not something you will have on a self-care whim. However, if you’re looking for serious results for your skin and your wellbeing this is a great kickstart for embarking on a serious journey of holistic wellbeing. I didn’t feel like I needed to wear base makeup for a good few days afterwards and definitely noticed my skin felt tighter and more sculpted. I also felt relaxed, and more balanced afterwards. It felt like my skin, body and mind were all thankful for the time I had taken to look after it that week and rewarded me with less brain fog and good quality sleep.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a deeply relaxing facial or if you find physical touch far more soothing and relaxing.

Where Can You Get a Neuro Glow Facial?

This Neuro Glow Facial is available at Remedi Clinic London, the combined price is £350. Prices for a medi-facial start from £250, cryotherapy packages start from £80, and Rebalance Impulse from £50.

Lauren Ezekiel is an associate editor at POPSUGAR UK, where she writes about all things beauty and wellness. With a degree in journalism and 12 years’ experience as a beauty editor at a leading Sunday supplement, she is obsessed with skincare, hair and makeup, and is often found offering advice to innocent bystanders. Her work has been published in Grazia, OK, Health and Beauty, The Sun, ASDA, Dare and Metro.

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