Opal Nails: The Pretty Twist on the Viral Cyberpunk Manicure

Opal nails created by @yaduga
Instagram: @sojinails @yaduga

Have you been seeing hardware-heavy manicures all over your For You page? These deadly-looking sets can be found under the cyberpunk and molten metal manicure hashtags. They typically feature dagger-edged acrylic nails covered in three-dimensional metal swirls. Basically, it’s the manicure you wear when you’re off to slay your enemies.

We’re not always slaying our enemies, though!

Suppose you have gentler plans for the day? A softer, prettier interpretation of the cybergoth manicure is popping up on Instagram and TikTok. It’s opal nails.

Featuring splintered, rainbow fragments peeping from beneath twisted metalware, some opal nails feature genuine gemstones embedded in steel. Others are made of glass or clear polishes blended with large glitter particles to create an iridescent illusion. Artificial or genuine, opal nails lend a soft, holographic accent to the menacing cyberpunk manicure.

Why Are Opal Nails Popping Off?

The opal nail is an example of nail techs and TikTokers approaching manicures as jewellery and art. Special occasion press on sets can be found everywhere on the platform. They’re reusable (sustainable slay!) and low commitment. After all, if you’re investing in genuine gemstones and hardware, you will want to wear them more than once.

We’re sure Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have held onto their respective jewel-encrusted manicures, even if they haven’t held onto each other.

As pointed out by TikToker and spooky nail tech @error404realitynotfound, reusable sets are also great options for those who want dramatic nails but hate acrylics or have sensory issues.

@error404realitynotfound Game changer for people who can’t stand having permanent acrylics #fairycoreaesthetic #whimsygoth #grimescore #fairycoregrunge #sensoryissues ♬ Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian

Opal nails are also a versatile trend that can be taken in a more whimsical direction.

TikToker @moss_cowgirl showed off a manicure she got in Tokyo. Her nail tech had drilled holes into the nails, adding small rhinestones, moss accents, a holographic wash of opalescent colour, and duo chrome silver polish. Moss Cowgirl described it as: “giving swamp monster fairycore.”

@moss_cowgirl My fairy nails I got done by my favorite nail artist here in Tokyo #fairycore #fairygrunge #grungefairycore #fairycoreaesthetic #grungefairycoreaesthetic #swampcore #fairynails #nailart #japanesenailart #japanesenails #tokyonails #tokyonailsalon #lifeinjapan #nailextension #fyp #fypシ #fypage #foryoupage #foryou #harajuku #harajukufashion #harajukustyle #グリーンスクリーン ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Opal Nails Basic Edition:

Opal nails created by @thebeautyroomsarah
Image Credit: @thebeautyroom

Need to take the opal nail to the office? We’ve seen lower maintenance interpretations of the trend using translucent, opalescent washes over colour, with bubbling silver accents traced over them in distinctive, swirling patterns.
You can throw the kitchen sink at this trend, which is all about distortion, dark whimsy, and blending the organic and the man-made.

Take some opal nail inspiration below.

opal nails featured on TikTok @yanggemadeinchina
Image Credit: TikTok @yanggemadeinchina
Opal nails featured on TikTok @theviberoom
Image Credit: TikTok @geminigremlin
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