When Topicals Don’t Make a Difference, It May Be Time to Ask About Oral Acne Medications

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Whether you’re a teenager experiencing your first bout of breakouts or an adult who thought your years of treating zits were way behind you, acne can prove challenging to get rid of. If you have persistent acne, you may need more than an over-the-counter topical to cure your breakouts – that’s where prescription acne treatments are typically recommended. But when all else fails, a dermatologist may prescribe an oral acne medication to clear up your skin.

Oral acne medications are not as frequently talked about as topicals, but they’re another option to explore and consider if you’re struggling with chronic acne that just won’t go away. Oftentimes, people who saw little to no success using topicals have seen their breakouts disappear almost completely on the right prescription. It all starts with consulting your dermatologist first.

There are three main types of acne medications – spironolactone, Isotretinoin, and oral antibiotics – and they all work in different ways, as well as have different pros and cons (like with any type of medication). If you are considering this route, here’s what you need to know about each, according to a dermatologist.

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