Pat McGrath’s Supreme Lipstick Goes on Sale Tomorrow, and We Got a Sneak Peek

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Three weeks ago, we reported that Pat McGrath Labs and Supreme had secretly been collaborating on a lipstick. At the time, the brands released little information on the launch besides what it actually was: a limited-edition, Supreme-red shade of McGrath’s bestselling MatteTrance Lipstick. Lack of details aside, minutes after the collab was reported, the response online and across social media confirmed what any beauty-lover or Supreme stan already knew: that the Pat McGrath Labs x Supreme MatteTrance Lipstick was set to arguably be the most collectable beauty item of 2020.

Luckily, the brand just released a major detail surrounding the lipstick. Turns out that the Pat McGrath Labs x Supreme MatteTrace Lipstick is launching sooner than we thought – like tomorrow sooner. And while you probably don’t need any more convincing as to why you need this lipstick in your life, I’ve got a couple more reasons why you truly need this match made in makeup heaven. In what will probably end up being the highlight of my 2020, I managed to get hold of the much-coveted tube this week, giving me the chance to give this year’s most exciting beauty launch a go before it launched and report back.

The Pat McGrath Labs Supreme MatteTrance Lipstick is shaped like any other PML bullet lipstick, except that it’s dressed up in the streetwear brand’s signature red-and-white colours, with the “Supreme” typeface written along the lipstick tube and Pat McGrath’s signature gold lips and detailing on the clasp. But this lipstick is way more than just a pretty package. If you’ve tried one of the MatteTrance lipsticks, then you know how luxuriously creamy, intensely pigmented, and incredibly comfortable the formula is – in fact, McGrath developed the formula to be matte yet emollient enough to be applied with your fingertips if you so please. MatteTrance Supreme red is no different. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a definitely makeup routine game changer.

The inspiration for the candy-red colour is obviously the logo that’s spurred queues to form around the globe, with its blocky white font against a bright red box. But the Supreme logo doesn’t seem to have been McGrath’s only reference when creating the shade. A quick scroll through the legendary makeup artist’s Instagram account shows loads of images that McGrath tagged as #inspiration for the Supreme hue, and they vary from photos of fashion and beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, and Prince, to a heavily outlined heroine in a Roy Lichtenstein print.

In real life and on lips, MatteTrance Supreme is as red as red can be, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s exactly the colour of the Supreme logo. On the first swipe (which was on my wrist), I was surprised to discover how bright and vibrant it was, as the bullet itself looks like it could be on the softer side of the spectrum.

I have a fair, neutral complexion that can get a bit rosy due to mild rosacea, so I typically prefer reds with a slightly blue undertone that won’t highlight the pinky tone around my nose and chin (one of my favourite reds of all time is actually McGrath’s MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson). What I love about Supreme red, however, is that because it contains the perfect ratio of both blue and orange undertones, this colour has all the punch and vibrancy of an orange-based red but the depth a blue-based red. This balance of orange and blue also means that it won’t skew too cool or too warm on any skin tone, a fact supported by all of the models of varying complexions showing off the shade on McGrath’s Instagram feed.

The Pat McGrath Labs x Supreme MatteTrance Lipstick officially drops on Sept. 10 on Supreme’s website. I recommend setting an alarm and having your credit card at the ready, because the most hyped makeup item of the year is worth every damn dollar.

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