Desperate For Attention? Try This Viral TikTok Blush Hack

Ruby Feneley trying the pink undereye blush tiktok trend
Supplied/Charlotte Tilbury

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The “pink under eye trend” is a striking blush technique currently taking over our TikTok ‘For You’ feeds. With a hashtag sitting at 73.9 million views, the look involves dramatic pink blush applied in the inverted triangle. Think of the way most TikTokers apply brightening concealer, and you have the gist.

Beauty influencers have been reaching for a blush by Plouise Makeup Academy in the “Legally Pink,” to work the trend. While the product is unavailable in Australia, I noticed the recently-launched Charlotte Tilbury Matte Beauty Blush Wand in “Pink Pop” ($60) featured the same sponge applicator and baby-pink tone and was inspired to give it a crack.

@beautyybylucyy @Plouisemakeupacademy the cheek of it in ‘legally pink’ if anyones wondering 🤍 #pinkundereyetrend #pinkundereye #blushundereye #legallypink #pinkundereye #plouisemakeup #plouisethecheekofit #viralmakeup #viralmakeuptrend #makeuptipsandtricks #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

What’s TikTok’s Love Affair With Under Eye Blush All About?

TikTok has been obsessed with blush, particularly around the under eyes for over a year now. We’ve seen these techniques like midtone blush used in trend tutorials for Crying Girl Makeup, and the Cold Girl and Douyin beauty aesthetics.

Most influencers reference the brightening, softening and adorably cherubic benefits of the undereye blush. It colour corrects dark circles, creates a soft gradient between concealer and cheek colour and lifts the apples of the cheeks for a fresh, youthful look. Their endorsements have led to a 17 per cent increase in blush sales between 2020 and 2022 and an 89 per cent rise in sales of cream blush specifically, as reported by Klarna.

@livhudsonmakeup pretty pink under eyes 🫶🏻💕 @madebymitchell strawberry cream blursh doing the most 🤍 #makeup #foryoupage #fyp #mua #pinkundereyetrend #pinkblush ♬ Sure Thing – Sped Up – Unanium & Speedy Audio

What Happened When I Tried the Pink Under Eye Trend?

Trying the pink undereye blush TikTok trend
So far, so alarming. Image Credit: Supplied

Some brave TikTokers mix loose-setting powder to get the pink undereye look. I am too time-poor to be Breaking Bad my blushes and powders at 6am on a Wednesday. I opted to stick with my Charlotte Tilbury dupe plan.

While the amount of product looked alarming, once I’d added Charlotte Tilbury, Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer ($60) on top the effects were impressive. I headed to the office, looking luminous and well-rested. 

Around 11am, I caught a colleague looking at me with concern. My typical demeanour is frantic and harried so this isn’t totally out of the ordinary. Then, in the kitchen at lunch, someone not from my direct team asked me if I was okay. 

I grabbed a coffee, and my barista, who sees me several times a week, made direct eye contact and said, “keep it up.” While I appreciated his vague, but encouraging words, things were starting to feel weird. 

Ruby Feneley trying the Pink Undereye Blush TikTok Trend
Result with Charlotte Tilbury, Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer, ($49) layered on top. Image Credit: Supplied

It’s here that I should make one admission. Short of setting myself on fire, there’s not much I wouldn’t do for attention. I’m also the kind of person who attracts micro dramas. If you ask me if I’m okay, I will probably have something to say other than “yes.” Even if it’s just a long anecdote about my brother’s dog or a weird thing someone said to me on Hinge. 

In short, I wasn’t as bothered by the number of enquiries I was getting as others might be. I assumed one of these dramas was causing me to project a mysterious air of sadness.

That said, by 2pm, the number of enquiries as to my welfare and sympathetic looks I’d received were officially out of the ordinary. 

When I went to the bathroom, I identified the issue. My lightweight, medium-coverage concealer had worn off. Meanwhile, Charlotte Tilbury’s stellar matte, long-wearing blush had stayed firmly in place. My exposed under-eye area was incredibly pink. Like, sobbing for several hours pink, not mysterious-air-of-sadness pink. 

I felt I still looked cute, and rogue pity and concern being thrown my way had added some pleasant intrigue and drama to an otherwise ordinary day.  

However, I recognise most people don’t want to project an “on the brink” vibe. With these makeup wearers in mind, I tried a different approach the next day. Layering Tarte Shape Tape, Contour Concealer ($50) a more full coverage, long wearing second-step concealer. I then set it with a spot of powder. This tweak worked wonders. I received all the brightening and colour-correcting benefits of the under-eye blush with none of the drama. 

Did I miss the drama? A little. But, at least I know which concealer-blush-cocktail to use next time I need some attention.

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