The Perfect Gifts to Buy for Your Pisces Friend This Month

Getty Images / MECCA / Urban Outfitters / Marc Jacobs

It’s officially Pisces season, which means your loved ones born between February 19 and March 20 have already begun, or will soon be, celebrating their day of birth. Pisces babies are said to feel things extremely deeply and have super strong intuition. They are often creative and artistic thanks to their active imagination and can be on the sensitive side, which allows them to lend their ear when needed. Your Pisces pal shares their star sign with celebrities like Rihanna, Drew Barrymore and Lily Collins — all strong, fierce people who are hard workers, much like your friend.

To celebrate all the wonderfulness that is your Pisces friend, a thoughtful gift will go a long way. But just be warned, this special gift will *probably* make them shed a few tears — happy ones, of course! Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of unique gift ideas to shop this Pisces season.

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