How to Create a Perfectly Voluminous Ponytail With Just a Scrunchie, Thanks to TikTok

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In late 2020, a ponytail hack did the rounds on TikTok that showed people how to create a ponytail without a hair tie. Now, many months later, another ponytail hack is gaining popularity on the app and it’s all about achieving a voluminous, high ponytail with just a scrunchie.

While TikTok hacks don’t always have the best track record (case in point: Big Brother star Tilly’s beauty fail β€” and don’t even get us started on sunscreen contouring), there are a number of tips, tricks and trends that provide promising results, like facial cupping, using fan take as lip liner and the ultra-relaxing #SpaNightRoutine.

The latest hack comes care of Kirsty Hollick, a TikTok content creator who uploads handy hair tutorials for her 33,000 followers. What sets this hack apart from others is that it only requires a single scrunchie to execute but allows you to achieve a seriously bouncy ponytail. As Refinery29 points out, it also works on most hair types β€” no matter how thick or thin it might be.

To create the ponytail for yourself, grab your scrunchie and a brush. Use the brush to collect your hair into a ponytail, then loop the scrunchie through the hair twice, as you would when tying a regular pony. Then, before pulling the hair through a third time, split your pony into two and tie the scrunchie around the bottom half of the hair. Flip the top part of the hair over and there you have it β€” a perky ponytail.


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For visual reference, check out Hollick’s TikTok tutorial above. While it might sound fiddly to achieve, once you have the hack down pat, you’ll be able to create bouncy, high ponytails evermore. And, this trick is perfect for those days when you need your hair out of your face but still want it to look polished. This Ariana Grande-esque pony will stay put all day long but will also look neat and tidy as well.

Depending on the final look you want, you can pull out some wispy hairs at the front to create a more casual look or spritz some hairspray into the front of your hair and comb it back for a slick look. The options are endless when it comes to this style and you can continue on with your day knowing your ponytail will look voluminous all day long.

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