Which Proactiv System Is Right For Your Skin Type? Follow This Guide to Find Out


As a child, I distinctly remember the Proactiv commercials of the early 2000s. Each 30-second slot was star-studded with the young Hollywood starlets of the time, like Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keys. I remember wanting the products as a young, pimply teen simply because each person had seemingly perfect, clear skin that radiated against the crisp white backgrounds.

Now, the savvy and informed beauty shopper understands that skin isn’t one size fits all. Not be left in the tracksuit and flip-phone past, Proactiv listened to the growing needs of consumers asking for varied product formulas depending on individual skin types. Now, the brand offers several products in each of its three streamlined systems to address your biggest skin concerns. If you’re curious about which Proactiv system might be best suited for you, we’ve curated this guide to help. As always, talk to your dermatologist before starting a new skin-care regimen to be empowered by your potential choice. In the meantime, keep reading ahead.

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