Radio Frequency Can Tighten and Plump Your Booty in Just One Session

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Want a more plump and perky booty, à la the Kardashian-Jenners, but without the medical intervention? Up until recently, I wasn’t sure it was entirely possible but after trialling radio frequency treatment, I’m officially a convert.

If you’ve never heard of radio frequency (which I hadn’t before trying it!), it’s a non-invasive method of tightening skin. The procedure can be carried out across the body, with the neck, chin, stomach, bottom, thighs, arms and legs the best areas for noticeable improvement. If you’re looking to tighten skin and improve skin tone in certain areas of your body, this is most definitely one way to do so.

Radio frequency works by generating heat and applying to the skin, which penetrates down into the dermal layers. This heat tricks your body into thinking trauma is occurring and as such, your body produces a response of upping collagen production and skin tightening.

While it might sound intimidating, the in-person treatment is anything but. I was lucky enough to experience radio frequency treatment at Sydney’s I Am Beauty Body Studio, located in Potts Point, where we focused on all things booty. I Am Beauty Body Studio founder Chloe administered the RF treatment, before finishing up with The Booty Co’s Booty Lotion, which also works to enhance circulation, blood flow and collagen production.

Before beginning the treatment, Chloe asked me to stand in front of two white lights so she could inspect the area in which she would be focusing the treatment. After a short consultation, Chloe determined that it would be best to focus on lifting the booty by applying the RF treatment to just under my bottom as well as my upper thigh.

Chloe then asked me to lay face down on a massage table, before she cleansed the skin with The Booty Co’s The Booty Cleanser and followed it up with a lubricant product, which is necessary to allow the RF wand to move around effectively.

Chloe moved the wand (which wasn’t that dissimilar from an ultrasound wand) in circles across the area, administering heat across the skin. She also used a digital thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature of the skin, to be sure it wasn’t getting to hot but it never felt it.

I was a little nervous in the lead-up to the appointment that the RF treatment would be uncomfortable but it was the complete opposite. The wand emits a heat that is pleasantly warm and Chloe moved the wand around consistently so the hot feeling never settled in one spot. In fact, the whole treatment is quite relaxing.

After just one treatment, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My typically flat booty looked lifted and plump in just 45 minutes and the skin texture was evened out. The small patches of cellulite in this area also looked smoothed out and there was a general perkiness as well.

Chloe said that these results would continue in the coming days, and I noticed the plumpness was even more noticeable the day after the treatment. There is no downtime associated with this treatment, so you can have it performed across the body and be good to go as soon as your appointment is over.

While this treatment might not be anyone’s cup of tea, as someone who was a little sceptical of the efficacy, I’m already looking at booking in for a second session with Chloe.

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