Can’t Live Without: The Genius Reusable Tool I Use to Fix My Eye Makeup When I Make a Mistake

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Beauty tools and accessories can make your life much easier when it comes to doing your makeup. One such accessory I use regularly (nearly on a daily basis) in my makeup application is the humble cotton tip. When it comes to all things eye makeup, cotton tips are a massive help — allowing you to touch up any mistakes you might have made.

If you’re a fan of eyeliner, we bet that you’re also a fan of the cotton tip for touching up your winged liner. I also use them for touching up mascara, which always ends up on my eyelids (hooded eye problems!), as well as fixing up any mistakes I might have made with my eyeshadow application.

The only issue I have with this is the fact that it’s not very environmentally friendly. Cotton tips are single-use and I have long felt guilty about my regular use of them for makeup (as well as to clean my ears). Recently, a friend told me she had started using a reusable cotton tip and I was intrigued.

My interest was especially piqued when she showed me her reusable cotton tip that is designed specifically for beauty purposes. Immediately I decided to purchase my own and I haven’t looked back since, saving who knows how many single-use cotton tips from ending up in landfill.

The LastSwab Beauty ($16) cotton tip by LastObject is made from a rubber-like material called TPE and feels kind of like silicone. The shape of the swap is designed to cater to your beauty needs and makes cleaning up your makeup actually easier than using a traditional cotton tip thanks to the pointed tip. It allows you to really create a sharp line when touching up eyeliner, which is the biggest benefit for me.

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To use, I simply dab the end into makeup remover or wet with a little water and then fix whatever mistake I have made on my eyes. After using, I simply wash it with water and soap and it’s good to go again. It’s literally that easy to use.

According to LastObject, the LastSwab is tested to withhold up to 1,000 uses, which cuts down your use of single-use cotton tips substantially. And it also comes with a handy carrying case, where you store the tool between use. This case also makes it easy to throw in your bag and take with you should you need to.

Next on my list to purchase and try is the LastSwab Basic ($16), a cotton tip designed for regular use in your ears. Instead of the pointed end of the Beauty Swab, this one is rounded like a traditional cotton tip and looks just as easy to use.

While overhauling your beauty products to be more sustainable and eco-friendly can definitely feel intimidating (I get it!), this is an easy way to make your footprint on the planet a touch smaller. It’s a great first step to cutting down your own personal waste and I wish I had known about it sooner.

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