Let’s Take a Quick Deep Dive Into the Meanings Behind Rihanna’s 20 Tattoos, Shall We?

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If there’s anything we know about Rihanna, it’s that she’s big fan of tattoos and body art. In fact, the singer’s most recent piece of ink had the entire internet – or at least those of us who spend way too much time on it – in a frenzy thanks to its slightly awkward undertone. Back in June when she was spotted out in New York City during a date night with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, fans noticed that her new tattoo, a crown on her left ankle, was actually a cover up for what was previously there: a camouflage shark that she once got with Drake.

According to E! News, Rihanna went to New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoo in 2016 to get the shark as a reference to one of her dates with the rapper, during which her took her to an aquarium in Toronto and bought her a toy shark. (He reportedly has the same design on his arm.) While the circumstances surrounding her new tattoo are maybe a bit awkward, she has over a dozen others that are pretty meaningful as well, and they’re just as sick.

If you’ve ever wondered what each of them means, keep reading as we take you through a guide to Rihanna’s tattoos.

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