Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter Fan? Rimmel’s Multi-Tasker Primer Is a Third of the Price

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When it comes to primers I’m a bit like goldilocks. Some are too sticky, some aren’t sticky enough. Some are too glowy, some not enough. You catch my drift, I’m not easy to please. This is why I tend to stick to using skincare as a primer, focusing on increasing my hydration levels to ensure the product lasts longer and looks dewy, than trying to battle with finding the right primer formulation. Next up on my list of tries for testing: Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters.

I have of course tried the viral Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter and have to admit this one pretty much ticks all the boxes, apart from its nearly £40 price tag. I mean it’s great, but this is a big expense for something you’re wearing under foundation, especially if you also prefer a premium, more expensive base.

When I received Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters (£12.99) I have to admit there was something very familiar about its appearance and applicator, I’m not suggesting its been designed to be a dupe, but I’m also not suggesting it hasn’t. As I swiped it across my hand, I realised it was not just the bottle which was giving me deja vu, but also the formula. It has the same glowy, blurring undertone as Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, and before you could say “makeup review” I was running upstairs and slapping it on my face to try it out.

Read on to see how it looked with and without makeup, and find out why this £12.99 primer, not only impressed me, it has ended up as a permanent fixture in my makeup bag.

About Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters

  • Available in six shades – Fair, Fair light, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep
  • Enriched with natural bio-peptides, vitamins C and E to offer hydration and skincare benefits
  • Can be worn alone, under makeup as a tinted primer, or mixed with your favourite skincare or foundation to give skin a radiant finish, or over your base as a highlighter.
  • What I Like About the Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters

    Where do I start? From the first swipe you can see the glow it gives to skin. It also blends in so easily, without streaking or gathering in certain areas. This is a photo of my skin with just the Rimmel Multi-Tasker, it gave an all-over blurring finish as well as healthy glow. I would have been happy to wear it alone if I was going for a no-makeup makeup look, however I wanted to try it under foundation to really test it out. This is when it really stepped into its own as the final result was even better, my skin looked like I had a TikTok filter on it in real life. It also left my face feeling hydrated and moisturised, even though I applied it hours after any skincare.

    I wanted to put it to the test so I wore it all day and noticed not only how fresh my foundation felt for hours after, but my skin really liked the formula, as it stayed hydrated all day. I also felt that it gripped onto my blush and bronzer, which do not tend to last on my skin for longer than an hour maximium before needing to be topped up.


    How to Use the Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters

    The applicator makes it super easy to apply, and I prefer applying primer directly to the skin, rather than having to pump or pour out the product onto my hand or a brush. I used my fingers to blend, which I found to be ideal, although you could use a brush or a beauty blender if you preferred.

    What to Consider Before Trying the Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters

    This is where I am a bit sad. I used Light Medium, which sits bang in the middle of the shade spectrum. It is the third darkest shade available, meaning the shade range is limited to say the least. I also noticed it had quite a lot of golden pigments throughout, which suited my skin with its olive undertones but may not work for those with those with fair, cooler skin or deeper, warmer skin tones. That being said, if you can find the right shade for you, it is pretty great and as it is a new product Rimmel may choose to extend the range at a further date.

    Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters Results

    I really wanted to test the primer so I used a medium skin tint and minimal blush and bronzer, I also didn’t apply any highlighter to see if the glow would stand out and shine through the base. I was really impressed, in particular along my nose and forehead, where the primer made it look like I had spent ages contouring and highlighting these areas.

    Where Is Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters available?

    Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters is available from Lookfantastic, Boots, and Superdrug.


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