Robert Downey Jr. Goes Completely Bald in a Total Transformation

Getty / Jon Kopaloff

Robert Downey Jr. just debuted his very bald head at the Governors Awards in Los Angeles, and fans are absolutely losing it. In preparation for his upcoming role in the miniseries “The Sympathizer,” which he is also set to produce, the “Iron Man” star shaved his head with a little help from his kids. He even posted an Instagram video of him enlisting their services back in October, providing more context as to why the drastic change in appearance was necessary. “I need your help. You know how I’m starting this project soon?” he asked two of his children, daughter Avri, 7, and son Exton, 10, as they diligently carved pumpkins in front of him. “Well anyway, I don’t want to wear a bald cap, so we need to shave my head.”

Thanks to their hard work, Downey Jr. has been without his hair for several weeks now. But this is the first time we’ve really seen him step out in his new look, completely clean shaven next to his wife, Susan Downey. Fans were quick to express their shock, drawing up comparisons to figures like Jeff Bezos and even characters like Lex Luthor, while some said they didn’t recognize Downey Jr. without his hair. But as he shared on Instagram the day of the great hair transformation, the bald head really is part of the job. “The things we do for our work . . . and our kids. #Sympathizer set ready,” he wrote in the caption of his video. And at the end of the day, love it or hate it, Downey Jr.’s hairless style does look a lot more comfortable than a bald cap. See more photos of his dramatic new look ahead.

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