The Real Reason Behind Rosamund Pike’s Veil at the Golden Globes

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If you haven’t watched “Saltburn” yet, where have you been? The Emerald Fennell-directed film made waves over the holidays when it arrived on Prime Video and shocked families with its stellar cast, disturbing plot, and that bath scene. (Yes, watching it with grandparents may have been a mistake . . .) One of the standout performances comes from British actor Rosamund Pike, who seemingly channeled her eccentric character, Lady Elspeth, by arriving at the Golden Globes in a look that seriously brought the drama.

Pike, who was nominated for best supporting actress for her role in the viral movie, wore a black vintage lace gown by Dior Couture that featured a bodice top, an A-line skirt, and intricate lace netting over the arms. But her headpiece really stole the spotlight: she wore a dramatic black veil over the front of her face, fastened into a sleek bun hairstyle.

Was this to signify the demise of her character in “Saltburn”? Perhaps a nod to the dark plot in the critically acclaimed movie? No, it had a much more practical reason. “It’s a protective veil for the occasion,” she told Variety on the red carpet. “I had an accident over Christmas, actually – I had a skiing accident. Not what you want, knowing you’re coming to the Golden Globes on the seventh of January.”

She added that her face was “entirely smashed up,” so all hands were on deck to create a decorative accessory to protect her face. Fortunately, she has since healed, but she ended up falling in love with the look, so she kept it to kick off award season. Pike also hinted that it was fitting for her “Saltburn” nomination, imagining that her character would have worn a similar ensemble to her wedding.

Now, is it just us or does this remind you of that “Sex and the City” episode when Samantha arrives at a party wearing a black veil to cover her face after a chemical peel? While skin blemishes, reactions, or bruises are inevitable in life, covering up with makeup is not always an option. Embracing a statement-making accessory might just be the answer. And as hair accessories like bows continue to trend this year and are added to people’s 2024 in/out beauty lists, it’s surely just a matter of time before we all add veils to our hair collections, no?

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