Love The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm? This Limited Edition Is Even Better

There are some products which will always have a place in the beauty hall of fame. And The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm is one of them. It is so popular one is sold every 14 seconds worldwide – which, considering it lasts a good month, is very impressive. When the news broke that The Body Shop was going into administration my first thought was, “Oh my god how sad for a British institution.” My second was: “Should I stock up on some cleansing balm just in case?” Thankfully it seems, for now, it will remain a staple on our beloved high street and to celebrate it has given beauty fan favourite a bit of a spring makeover. Launching today (April 2) is a Limited Edition Camomile & Rose de Mai Cleansing Balm (£12). It is the same formula we all know and love, but now has the edition of rose de mai from Grasse, France, which not only gives it a subtle pink colour it adds a beautiful soft floral scent.

Read on to find out why I may be ditching the original and stocking up on this before it sells out.

About The Body Shop Rose De Mai & Camomile Cleansing Balm

  • Removes all traces of grease, grime, makeup and SPF in 30 seconds
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lense wearers
  • Rose de mai only blooms for two weeks a year in May
  • Camomile ingredient is from Norfolk
  • What I Like About The Body Shop Rose De Mai & Camomile Cleansing Balm

    As I said I am a massive fan of the original. There are plenty of good cleansers on the market, however, finding a balm which doesn’t dry out skin, or leave it too oily, removes makeup (including waterproof mascara), and leaves you with change from a £20 note is not easy to come by. Personally I also find I don’t need a second cleanse when I’m using this product, which is another win for me. I also love that it leaves my skin not only clean, but gleaming, once I remove the residue with water.

    One of the cons of the original is probably in regards to the enjoyment levels whilst using it. It is a functional product, which doesn’t necessarily feel like a treat. However, the addition of the rose de mai gives it a new dimension. The scent elevates the experience so it feels far more luxurious and a bit more of a pamper product than the original.

    I also like how cost effective it is, a little goes a long way. As you can see I tend to swirl my fingers around the product and then take a small amount of cleanser on two fingers before applying all over my face. This is plenty and will remove everything last trace of makeup once you rinse away.


    How to Use The Body Shop Rose De Mai & Camomile Cleansing Balm

    Take the small amount of product and simply apply all over your face and neck. I tend to do this before I brush my teeth as it allows for the product to absorb slightly and really melt away anything sitting on the surface. Although this is not neccesary. I find it doesn’t sting or affect my eyes, whether I’m wearing my contacts lenses or not, so will rub it into my lashes and brows too. I then take a flannel or muslin cloth and wipe my skin, this not only removes the cleanser it also gently exfoliates the skin. If you prefer to rinse without a cloth and just use water this will work too.

    What to Consider Before Buying The Body Shop Rose De Mai & Camomile Cleansing Balm?

    Ok this is my one bug bear. The pot! I know it’s been designed to be sustainable, as its made from recycled aluminium but I actually hate it. It gets stuck often and if you have any trace of product or water on your hands you have no chance removing the lid. I have lost a couple of good tins of this cleanser over the years due to the lid being stuck. Please The Body Shop listen to our cries and find an alternative!

    Where Can You Buy The Body Shop Rose De Mai & Camomile Cleansing Balm?

    This Limited Editon Rose De Mai & Camomile Cleansing Balm is available from April 2, until stocks last from The Body Shop website and in store.

    Lauren Ezekiel is an associate editor at POPSUGAR UK, where she writes about all things beauty and wellness. With a degree in journalism and 12 years’ experience as a beauty editor at a leading Sunday supplement, she is obsessed with skincare, hair and makeup, and is often found offering advice to innocent bystanders. Her work has been published in Grazia, OK, Health and Beauty, The Sun, ASDA, Dare and Metro.


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