This New Lotion Is Face-Grade Skincare For Your Whole Body

Sand & Sky

Chances are you fork out *quite* a bit of money for your skincare products. The serums, moisturisers and SPF products you use on your face are undoubtedly an investment in your skin, but what about your body? Well, a brand new launch from Sand & Sky is here to rectify this problem.

Sand & Sky’s Tasmanian Spring Water Wonder Body Lotion ($66.90) is “face-grade skincare for your body” and we’re entirely here for this — especially now that the cool weather is here to stay. Formulated with spring water from Tasmania, which is known for its abundance of minerals like calcium and magnesium, the Wonder Body Lotion is all about hydration.

The mineral-rich spring water helps to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier, while the addition of three types of hyaluronic acid works to quench thirsty skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Rounding out the list of rockstar ingredients is fermented sea kelp harvested from Tasmania that helps to protect and repair the skin’s barrier, leaving it feeling smooth and looking plump.

“Too often skincare stops at our face but we prefer a more holistic approach,” said Sand & Sky co-founder Sarah Hamilton in a statement. “Tasmanian Spring Water Wonder Body Lotion has been formulated with all the care of our facial products, and with some of the same potent ingredients.

“It keeps skin moisturised throughout the day, and it has a non-greasy finish. This powerhouse lotion is the third instalment in our Hydration range and the perfect pairing to our Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand. Use it for a head-to-toe glow.”

Head to the Sand & Sky website to get yours hand on this wonder lotion.

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