I’m Constantly Striving for Glass Skin — Can This Serum Trio Do The Trick?

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Ever since I first cast my eyes on Rihanna, I’ve been striving for a glass-looking, poreless complexion. But the idea of irritating my skin with new products that might get me another step closer to the goal keeps me away. And for years, my routine has always been untouchable because of the fear of unexpectedly breaking out. So, you can understand my hesitation about trying a trio of serums from the Noosa brand, Saya. But let’s just say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. So much so in fact, that I’m considering swapping to using it full-time. Which, for me to say, is quite something.

Saya’s product collection features three different serums — Super, Glow and Renew — for $90 each. And from Wednesday, April 19, 2023, until Saturday, April 22, you can buy one, get one free when you use code; FREESERUM.

I experimented with all three on my dry, combination skin over a 24-hour period. Read on for my results, plus to find out what might work best for you.

Renew Serum

Saya Renew Serum ($90)

The first thing that caught my attention was the full and earthy scent, straight out of the box. To my fellow sensitive-skinned gang, be wary of how much you use to avoid irritation. When I squeezed this into my palm, I was baffled at the fact that it had a yellowish hue rather than matching the colour of the bottle. Don’t be alarmed, this is the case for all three of them.

The oil-like consistency surprised me. You’ll notice it’s a bit thicker than other serums, which leads me to believe it would feel heavy on my skin. But to my delight, it was easy to apply and didn’t have a sticky, tacky feeling after use. As a bonus, it doesn’t give an extremely shiny appearance that makes you look like you bathed in oil.

Because I used this in the evening, I woke up the next morning and noticed that it was slightly stronger than what I’m used to causing a slight eczema flare up, but it may require some tolerance buildup. However, my cheeks did feel plumper to touch and my acne less irritated.

Glow Serum

Saya Glow Serum ($90)

After washing my face the following morning, I tested out the Saya Glow Serum in place of my regular Vitamin C product. Compared to Saya’s Renew, this has a thinner consistency and a lightweight feel. The formula easily absorbed into my skin without leaving an oily residue. And one of my favourite things about it — no scent.

It created a nice base for layering the Super Serum on top.

After Using Glow Serum | Image: Supplied

Super Serum

Saya Super Serum ($90)

Once the Glow Serum dried, I went in with a light layer of Saya’s Super formula. Much like Glow, my skin easily absorbed the product without feeling sticky. After using a combination of both, my complexion was looking very soft and moisturized. There was no itichiness, which is rare for me when trialling something new and face felt cool to touch.

My next steps are to try them separately to take note of any individual results.

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