The Best Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

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  • One thing to consider before getting a short haircut is how you’ll style the look after.
  • You should pick a hairstyle based on hair density, colour, or preference.
  • We’ve rounded up the best short-hair tips and inspiration photos to inspire your next hairstyle.

Maybe at the start of every season, you’re ready to cut your hair. Maybe it’s the thought of spending less time on your hair and more time outside if it’s summer or untangled from your scarves if it’s winter, but whatever the case, there are plenty of reasons (and times) you might want to look for cute short-hairstyle ideas.

However, with this desire also comes the question: what are the best styles for short hair? Surprisingly, short hair can sometimes require more maintenance, depending on which look you decide on. Salon SCK hairstylist April Peele recommends styles like the bixie because they are the perfect “in-between cut for people who have never gone shorter than chin length before,” she previously told POPSUGAR.

Popular choices also include the bob, lob, mixie, and more, but regardless of the length you choose, deciding how to style your look after making the chop is just as important as the cut itself. That’s why we’ve rounded up our best tips to keep in mind when considering a short haircut, as well as some of the best short-hairstyle ideas – including styles for thick, thin, and natural hair – to inspire your next look.

What to Consider Before Getting a Short Haircut

Similarly with the decision of what colour to dye your hair, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on the length and texture (read: layers) you want to cut into your hair. The most important things to note, after your face shape, are your lifestyle and daily routine. For example, do you rush in the mornings? How much time do you want to dedicate to styling your hair? Do you use products or like to keep it simple? These questions will help guide whether you can adopt a more extensive styling regimen or need something a little more low-key.

If you fall in the latter camp, you should consider cuts like a bixie because it “offers that sweet spot for clients who want to cut their hair off but aren’t ready for the maintenance and commitment of really short hair,” Peele says. You can style this cut in any way you choose – textured or smooth – and the front is soft with “longer areas of hair in the front [that] keep the style flirty and sexy.”

If you’re looking for a hairstyle for a particular occasion, like a formal event or even dinner with friends, versus a cut, this usually gives you the opportunity to use a little more hair product to add in any extra curl, wave, straightness, or texture you’re looking for. Depending on your hair type, you might use a texturizing spray like the Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Hydro-Texturizing Hair Mist to create volume at the roots. For thicker hair types, try a styling cream like the Kérastase L’incroyable Blow-Dry Reshapable Lotion before blow-drying to create a smoother finish. “If necessary, use a flat iron to make the style a little more polished, and then try tucking the longest pieces of hair behind an ear,” Peele says.

Adding Hair Accessories to Short Hairstyles

The easiest way to elevate a short haircut: add a fun hair accessory, like a headband, barrette, or hair scarf. “People are eager to add more color and adornment into their beauty routine but in a simple and easy way, which is what hair accessories offer,” celebrity hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz previously told POPSUGAR.

There’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to this: incorporate as many pearl barrettes, rhinestone snap clips, butterfly clips, and bobby pins as your heart wants. We like the Goody Snap Hair Clips Assorted Colours if you want something simple; if you’re looking for something more flashy to push back your short hair, try the Kristin Ess Cozy Headband.

Best Short-Hairstyle Ideas

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