Side Partings Are Everywhere But Will It Suit Your Face Shape?

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Side partings have had a bit of a bad reputation over the last few years. Deemed by Gen Z as the ‘skinny jean’ of the hair world, millennials everywhere have been avoiding flicking their locks over in case it exposes their real age. But worry no more, the tide seems to be turning in favour of the side sweep and we can almost feel the collective relief.

The red carpet has led the way, with an array of side-part-loving celebrities. From the Emmys to the BAFTAs, the likes of Dua Lipa, Alison Oliver, and Michelle Keegan all chose the off-centre part. “Side partings are making a comeback,” Stef Smith at Ken Picton in Cardiff tells POPSUGAR UK. “Especially in sleek styles paired with updos or modern interpretations of glamorous waves.”

But is the trend deeper than a simple style choice? According to Smith the answer is yes. “There’s a focus on creating angular-looking faces,” she explains. “Side partings give the impression of a sharper, more contoured appearance. It also adds height and angles to the face.”

Ahead, we spoke to some top hair stylists to find out how you can pull off the side parting, depending on your face shape and style.

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What Side Should You Part Your Hair?

“There’s no formula when it comes to side partings,” says Valerie Benavides, Hair by Sam McKnight stylist. “It’s about tailoring to your face, hair texture, and hairline – which can all influence how to wear it best.”

She recommends having a play to see what you prefer. “You’re the best person to work out what looks best for you. Try switching sides a few times until you see which is more flattering.”

Which Side Parting Will Suit Your Face Shape?

There may be no set guidelines to which side or how you wear your parting, but there are different styles which tend to suit each face shape better. Although if you’re lucky enough to have an oval shape, then according to Smith you can skip straight to the next section as any style will suit you. For those with a long or angular face, she suggests a deep, sleeker parting will look best. “You need width in the narrower areas of your face, so stay away from height on the top to avoid making the head shape look longer,” she explains.

This is similar for a round face: “You need to consider a deep side part to create symmetry and length. Overall side partings are better than middle partings for this face shape, as the asymmetry can create angles whereas middle partings can cause narrowness in the forehead and make a person’s lower half of their face appear rounded and potentially larger.”

If you have a square face, Smith recommends adding a fringe to a sweeping side part to create a softer finish. “Heart-shapes lend themselves to face-framing layers, as this can fill in the space between the sides of their hair and chin or neck, making them appear more rounded rather than heart-shaped or narrow in the chin area. A deep side part can complement this style,” explains Smith.

How To Style a Side Parting?

This all depends on the style you are trying to achieve. “A low side part can give masculine vibes, whereas an in between middle and side is a good way to play but not commit,” says Benavides. To create the parting, opt for a metal tail comb like Superdrug Bobbled Pintail Comb (£3) as this is the easiest way to achieve a super straight line. Part your hair whilst damp, and then blow dry your hair to keep the parting in place. “This will ensure you don’t have any unwanted hairs going against the desired direction once the hair is dry,” explains Smith. “Dry with a large to medium-sized brush and add a slight bump at the end for added volume.”

If you have flat or thin hair, consider using a volumising mousse or texturising spray to add body and definition to the hair around the parting. Alternatively, Benavides recommends popping in a velcro roller for that iconic supermodel wave before finishing with styling products. “A great hairspray will keep things in place. Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray (£49) is perfect for taming flyaways or if you need to control a pesky hairline,” she suggests.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to switch up your style without going for the chop, then this simple change can completely transform your look and add subtle structure to you face. It’s a win-win all round.

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