This Genius Pillowcase Helps Cure Acne While You Sleep by Killing 99.7% of Bacteria


Pillowcases aren’t the most hygienic of places. In fact, a study out of the United States found that the average pillowcase had roughly the same amount of bacteria as a toilet seat. Gross! And think of how many hours you spend with your precious face lying on this fabric. We shudder at the thought.

Some of the bacteria living on your pillowcase can actually contribute to skin issues like acne. This is where Silvi comes in. Inspired to create a sleep product that doubled as skincare, this Australian brand created a world-first pillowcase. While silk pillowcases are great for creating less friction on your face and hair, Silvi has taken it one step further by combining Mulberry silk and natural, antibacterial silver to prevent bacterial growth.

The Anti-Acne Pillowcase ($89) by Silvi is clinically proven to eliminate 99.7 percent of acne-causing bacteria and is safe for all skin types and ages to use. Silvi’s Pillowcase begins to work its magic in as little as four weeks, helping to prevent breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads.

The fabric of the pillowcase is also 4.5 times more breathable and cooling than cotton and is ethically-made, environmentally-friendly, hypoallergnic and made without the use of chemicals. It ticks all the boxes one could ever need.

And, as with other silk pillowcases, it also does wonders for your hair so you don’t wake up with a wild ‘do. The silk-silver combo in The Anti-Acne Pillowcase helps to reduce fizziness and breakages as well as tangles and knots. It’s also great for your face as it creates less friction on your skin, which means you won’t wake up with pillowcase marks on your face, and it doesn’t drink up your skincare as cotton does.

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