“Skin Tints” Are Becoming 2021's Answer to Makeup – Here's Why You Should Stock Up

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Pinterest recently predicted that “skinimalism” – the happy medium between minimal makeup and your bare skin – would be one of 2021’s top beauty trends, and considering more people have been paring back their beauty routines, we’d say the forecast is spot-on. To get in on the trend would mean finding a product that adds a hint of coverage while letting your real skin peek through. That’s where “skin tints” come in.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be labeled that way on the bottle (although many brands have started releasing their own versions of the perfect skin tint). It can also come in the form of BB cream, a tinted moisturizer, or even your own concoction of foundation mixed with a serum or moisturizer.

“As we’re continuing to work from home, full-coverage foundation just isn’t necessary.”

No matter the formula, makeup artists predict this will be the next wave of base makeup for the foreseeable future: “As we’re continuing to work from home, full-coverage foundation just isn’t necessary,” makeup artist Cara Lovello told POPSUGAR. “If you have a Zoom call, try mixing your foundation with a primer to create your own tinted moisturizer.”

It’s true that spending less time in public and social settings has inspired many people to take a break from heavier makeup and instead use lightweight options that enhance the skin while still looking natural. A tint is the perfect alternative if you want something double-duty that can hydrate but also lend a little coverage during your workday.

To create your own, Lovello recommends using a primer with a skin-healthy formula like the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer ($39). If DIY-ing products isn’t your thing, head over here to check out some of our favorite tinted moisturizers.

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