We’re Obsessed With This TikTok Hack for Removing Smudged Mascara Without Ruining Your Makeup

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TikTok hacks are abundant on the video-sharing app. There are tutorials on achieving Farrah Fawcett inspired hair, others teaching you how to create edible flower goats cheese and how-to’s on using fake tan to make your lips look bigger — trust us, it’s a thing!

The latest hack we’re head-over-heels for is one by Kirsty Hollick — known as The Bridalist on TikTok — who also recently shared a tutorial on how to achieve a perfectly voluminous ponytail with just a scrunchie. This latest hack involves mascara — specifically what to do when you’ve accidentally smudged your mascara.

There is nothing worse than spending time perfecting your eyeshadow to only smudge mascara on it. While using a cotton tip to remove it is an option, it can often result in removing some of your carefully applied eyeshadow as well. To avoid this from happening, Hollick has perfected the art of removing said smudged mascara.

The next time this happens, as per Hollick’s tutorial, allow the mascara to dry and continue on with your makeup routine. Then, when the rest of your makeup is finished, take a spoolie and simply flick the dried mascara off of your eyelid. If you’re not convinced that this works (because it does almost sound too good to be true), please watch the video below.


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The day after watching this video, I smudged a little bit of mascara onto my eyelid during application, so I waited for it to dry and then used the spoolie end of my eyebrow pencil to remove it. And, you know what? It worked! It just goes to show how such a simple trick can make your whole makeup application process all the easier. Obsessed!

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