Why Solar Scents Are Becoming the Must Have Fragrances for 2024

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Close your eyes. Now imagine you’re sitting on a sun lounger, on a white sandy beach, with the sound of waves softly crashing in the distance. As you take a deep breathe what can you smell? If your imagination is not quite up to the task it may be time to invest in this summer’s new fragrance category known as solar scents. Designed to smell like sunshine and evoke memories of summer and happy times, it is no surprise the perfume world has seen an increase in popularity for fragrance which give you an uplifting holiday feeling – no passport required.

As someone who believes in the power of scent, and always takes a new perfume on holiday so I can scent my memories, this is right up my street. I’m also not one for a signature scent, although there are benefits to finding “the one”, I believe perfumes should be free-flowing and you should be able to use as many as you like.

The connection between scent and wellbeing could be the reason there has seen such an interest in solar scents according to Alex Oprey, Marketing and E-commerce Director at Miller Harris. “Solar scents often evoke positive and uplifting emotions,” he says tells PS UK. “It taps into the increasing focus we are seeing on well-being and mental health. These scents can offer a sensory escape, transporting you to sunnier shores and carefree vacations, which many people find comforting and rejuvenating.”

But, what do solar scents actually smell like and do you need one? We asked two fragrance experts to explain and I selected some of my favourite perfumes to transport you to a beach bar, sipping your favourite cocktail at sunset in just one spritz.

What Is a Solar Scent?

A solar scent is quite a loose term that refers to fragrance with a “sunshine” feel to it. Whilst solar perfumes aren’t a fragrance family – like woody, floral, amber, and fresh – and it could be argued that these scents could fit into one or two of the traditional groups, these particular scents have an undeniable quality to them that sets them apart. “This isn’t a traditional fragrance family so the definition and notes found within this category can range,” Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street tells PS UK. “It can be a fragrance with a bright, sparkling, or luminous character or something that invigorates the senses and brings a sense of joy.”

What Is a Solar Scent Perfume Note?

According to Feeney there are a few different ways to interpret that sunny, exotic “solar” feeling. “Some sure-fire ‘solar’ fragrances include the warmth of jasmine or amber, whereas some lead more with citrusy notes like bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Ingredients like salted musks give a second skin feeling as if you are drying in the sun and a natural coconut gives a rich creamy smell reminiscent of the beach.”

“The notes are often fresh and natural, which align with the broader trend towards a connection with nature and environmental consciousness,” says Oprey.”

As far as I am concerned although these scents contain similar notes, everyone’s memories of holidays will smell different and this is reflected in many solar scents. Some will remind you of your childhood, where as others smell like how you think you should smell on holiday – luxurious and the best version of you. But ultimately they are all joyful scents which smell like sunshine. Which is why it has quickly become one of my favourites scent sets and I can’t imagine wearing anything else throughout the summer months.

Read on to find out why I adore a £10 budget option, which keeps selling out it’s so good, and how one instantly transports me into my favourite memory ever.


Seven of the Best Solar Scents

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