What the Roy Siblings’ Stealth Wealth Skincare Routines Say About Them

Every beauty and grooming product on the hit series Succession tells a story

“Stealth Wealth” has 5.3 million hashtags on TikTok thanks to hit HBO series “Succession“. Here, the Roy kids snipe and connive in un-idable designer outfits that cost well into the four figures. Think of “stealth wealth” as the $600 USD baseball cap Kendall wears in multiple episodes.

It’s a flex, and characters who deviate from the subdued-triple-figures-core aesthetic are damned.

But what about beauty? Beauty typically hasn’t gotten much of a look in when it comes to “Succession” coverage — clothes do the bulk of the storytelling.

But, nothing on “Succession” is unintentional, so when beauty and grooming products appear on the bathroom counters of characters, they’re telling us something. After all, while clothes are what we wear to face the world, skincare is all about our approach to caring for ourselves.

Turns out the quickest way to get to know the Roy kids is by taking a dive into their bathroom cabinets.

Roman: The Manual Toothbrush

Roman Roy has caused controversy with his use of a manual toothbrush.
Controversial king Roman Roy. Image Credit: HBO/Binge/Getty

Episode four provided us with a glimpse of Roman Roy’s morning grooming routine. We haven’t ID’d the three blurry skincare products on his bathroom countertop, but they do tell us something. There’s a green glass bottle with a top screw lid, what looks like a pink, capped mist and a small white bottle that could be from Biologique Recherche. Indeed, the fact that they’re unidentifiable is a bit of a tell. These products tell us three things. He does the basics of self-care, but he’s the least pretentious and the least status-obsessed of the three Roy siblings. As you’ll see, Kendall and Shiv both favour well known, cult buys.

The most telling product in Roman’s beauty routine is actually his toothbrush.

Roman Roy's manual toothbrush is causing controversy on reddit
Image Credit: Reddit

As noted by furious Reddit fans, Roman doesn’t own an electric toothbrush. As in the first season, Roman “hit it raw” with a manual brush, furiously scrubbing at his enamel and gums in a manner that leaves us wincing.

It’s a telling insight into the emotionally (and sexually) repressed middle sibling who, in his heart of hearts, thinks most things are too good for him, whether that’s a relationship, the top spot, or his father’s love.

Siobhan: Ambivalent Femininity

Siobhan Roy uses Tatcha, Dewy Skin Cream and L'Occitane body products
Siobhan Roy’s beauty routine came as a surprise to many. Image Credit: HBO/Binge/MECCA/L’Occitane

While many have speculated that Shiv Roy is a Barbara Sturm girl, she actually enjoys the five-star rated Tatcha, Dewy Skin Cream ($115). While a notable luxury brand, Tatcha doesn’t rival Dr. Barbara Sturm in price point, that brand’s equivalent day cream and night cream retail for $256 and $454, respectively.

So, what does Tatcha tell us about Shiv?

As we’ve discussed, Shiv has an ambivalent relationship with her femininity.

In the first season, Shiv dresses in soft silks and comfy sweaters with long, loose waves — a Tatcha skincare girlie. She expresses active contempt for her brothers, the views espoused by her father’s media corporation, and is focused on her own career as a political advisor for Democratic candidates.

But, as she moves into the world of Waystar Royco, her look and demeanour changes. She chops her hair, switches to suits and radiates less carefree vibes.

The lilac pot of softly scented Tatcha on her bathroom counter, visible as she dukes it out with her soon-to-be ex-husband Tom, shows she’s still working hard to bury her softer side.

Particularly as she faces her first pregnancy and a looming divorce.

In the same shot, what looks like a tube of L’Occitane hand cream is visible. Again, the French heritage brand is mainstream and sits in mid-range luxury. It’s practical but sensual and feminine and signals a desire to take care of herself.

Kendall: All of the Gear, No Idea

Kendall Roy buys only the best, and forgets to use it.

During Kendall’s lowest moment in the series, the iconic navy tube of Augustinus Bader, The Cream ($437) was spotted on his bathroom counter.

Augustinus Bader is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. Their products retail in the high three digits, with The Cream being their hero. This product placement told us all we needed to know about Succession’s most troubled son. He squanders money on things that make him feel good, even if they’re kind of dumb. From a $600 baseball cap to a $1,390 USD drawstring hoodie from Tom Ford that… looks like it could have been picked up from Big W (we’re sure it feels great on, though) to a $473 face cream he doesn’t use.

That’s right, we never see Kendall apply the moisturiser. There’s no better evidence (other than his well documented substance issues) that while our boy Ken loves. to splurge, he never actually takes care of himself. In the end no amount of face lotion will fill the hole left by the ambiguous underline (or cross) in his departed father’s will.

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