Finding Your Perfect Haircut Is Easy When You Let Your Zodiac Sign Decide For You

Getty / Edward Berthelot

Now is the time to be bold. Eyeliner “reverses,” nail art gets a neon twist, and when it comes to hair, the options are limitless. Want to try curtain bangs? Go for it. Tempted to chop your hair into a bob? You’ll instantly feel freer. Looking to achieve great lengthens? There’s no better time.

Beauty should be easy, but there’s no denying that deciding on a haircut is anything but. That’s why we’re here to make a case for picking a haircut based on your zodiac sign. By letting your astrology sign guide you, you’ll be able to find a style that truly fits your beauty vibe. From the flexible clavicut, which matches the versatile mood of a Gemini, to a super-short micro bob that is essentially a Leo in hair form, we’re seeing a lot of great hair days in your future. It’s written in the stars, ahead.

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