Why This Sustainable Australian Hair-Care Range Deserves a Spot in Your Routine

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Discovering a new holy grail hair product is like finding gold. To paint you a picture, I have fine hair (but a lot of it) and have been bleaching it for years. While my strands are in pretty good condition, thanks to good quality products, regular trims, and plenty of hair-masking, it still undoubtedly errs on the side of dry and I also have a lot of frizz and unpredictable curls. Basically, if I use the wrong product, my hair is sure to throw a fit and start breaking. 

The product we’re talking about today doesn’t do that. Founded by Sydney-based hairdresser and salon owner, Jana Pana, Livani is a natural hair-care range that cares as deeply for the planet as it does your hair. Jana first told me about Livani back in 2018, when she was deep in the product development phase. She told me that she was finally channelling her 17 plus years of hair expertise into creating a range of luxurious shampoos and conditioners that combine active natural ingredients that do their job well and don’t leave hair feeling stripped and dull.

In my opinion, Jana has done exactly that. The Livani range is wide (there are seven shampoos and conditioners, plus two treatments), so there should be something for everyone, with products that promise to strengthen, add smoothness or moisturise the hair, and there’s also an option for blonde hair, plus a couple of nourishing treatments, too. 

The formulations took Jana three years to perfect, which she attributes to her determination in creating a product that was luxurious and efficacious and also made from 100% Australian ingredients. I was particularly curious about Jana’s commitment to using local ingredients because while I am all for shopping local, I also want to know I’m getting top-shelf hair products (for all the reasons mentioned above). 

Jana explains that high-quality Aussie ingredients — like the ones used in Livani — are extremely potent and benefit from the unique biodiversity of our island nation. Two ingredients this is particularly true for are wattleseed and eucalyptus, both level two actives used in the Sensitive shampoo and conditioner. Wattleseed is a source of amino acids that helps stimulate good hair growth from the follicle and has anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptus is native oil that’s an effective antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic oil, and helps soothe and heal skin wounds found on sensitive scalps.

livani smooth

I trialled the Smooth shampoo and conditioner ($98 for the pair) for about six months, using it alongside the other tried and true hair products I’ve been using for years. This range is designed for anyone with unmanageable (check), frizzy (double-check), and unruly hair. Texture-wise, Livani is extremely lightweight, lathers nicely, and I never feel any product residue or build-up after washing (though I do use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks, as is, regardless of what other products are in rotation). 

The scent is reminiscent of Aesop products, in the sense that it’s a little bit spicy and also quite fresh; that’s thanks to the natural botanicals like lavender, clove, orange, and patchouli leaf oils. Jana tells POPSUGAR Australia that selecting the essential oils was a crucial step in creating the products because they set the tone for how people feel when using them. “Relaxation, calm, and refreshed are key feelings you will experience when using Livani,” she says, and this is a point that I can personally vouch for. Jana adds that our lives are so busy, and often, the only time most of us have to ourselves is in the shower, so why not make that luxurious?

After trialling the Smooth shampoo and conditioner for six months, my hair was definitely more manageable on the days that I used it. My hair is fine, so I was glad that these products never weighed down my hair, though did add smoothness to some of my frizzier strands. And because my hair leans towards the drier side, I’d be keen to try one of the treatments of the more hydrating formulas next. 

Another big selling point for Livani, is the sustainability aspect. The formulations are vegan and cruelty-free, and biodegradable, and the packaging is made from 100% aluminium (an infinitely recyclable material). Jana spent over two years trialling different packaging materials alone, before landing on the current bottle. It also comes with a pump made from recycled plastic, which can be reused over and over, with every new bottle purchased. 

Livani is a beautiful Australian brand and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants to support a local business, make a sustainable switch in their daily routines, and who wants really good hair. You can shop the entire range on the Livani website or visit Jana’s Sydney salons, Marli Rose.

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