This £22 Mascara Has Become My Ultimate Go-To

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When it comes to mascara I don’t mess around. I’m very fussy and in my 15 years as a beauty editor I can list the five mascaras I trust as quickly as I can name my children. This means I very rarely like new products, and if I do like something it’s fleeting and I tend to revert back to my old favourites after a few weeks.

In terms of what I want from a mascara it’s simple; full, volumising, and non-irritating. I wear contact lenses, I’m a constant face toucher and tend to well-up at the drop of a hat. It needs to stay on my lashes, never bleed and come off with a simple cleanse. This means I’m not a fan of waterproof mascara, as it tends to irritate my eyes, and I hate the feeling that it’s still there after I’ve cleansed. I never wear false lashes, although I do love a lash lift – I’m not about the natural look, I’m very happy for my lashes to look like they are wearing mascara.

So, imagine my surprise when I grabbed a Sweed Lash Lift Mascara, (£22) from a goody bag last week and I have used it every day since. I initially used it out of desperation as I had left the house without my makeup bag and mascara is my non-negotiable. As I applied I was shocked. It applied perfectly the first time – even some of my all-time favourites have to be left for a day or two before I like the finish and the formula isn’t too wet – and it stayed all day long.

Side note: If you’ve not heard of the makeup brand Sweed, then you need to make a note. I recently bumped into a number of makeup artist friends and they all raved about this vegan beauty brand. Created by makeup artist Gabriella Elio, who initially launched the brand with false eyelashes, it has quickly become a social media and celebrity favourite. It is all about enhancing your natural look and when I tell you she has nailed it, it is an understatement. I tried the foundation and blush recently and after a few hours I caught my reflection in the mirror and my face looked like I had just applied it. It had texture, yet glowed and a natural flush that is usually impossible to replicate with makeup. Coupled with my new MVP mascara, Sweed is no joke.

But what makes it so great? And did it survive a night out at Taylor Swift Eras Tour with my 8-year-old? Read on to find out the answer and why it may have just pushed out an iconic premium brand mascara from my top five.

About the Sweed Lash Lift Mascara

  • Lightweight, flexible and buildable formula.
  • Infused with vitamin B5 to nourish lashes.
  • Water-resistant, but not waterproof so it comes off easily.
  • Why I Like About the Sweed Lash Lift Mascara

    It really is a minimal effort mascara, the brush is quite thin which means you won’t get product all over the lid and it can be used on the bottom as well as the top lashes. Two coats are plenty for a full lash look that will last all day. However if you like really full mascara coated lashes it builds up without clumping. But it’s the staying power I can’t get over. It literally doesn’t move all day and night. I don’t usually like to road test new mascara on big occasions but I did with this one and it passed the ultimate test. From a full day at the horse races in the heat to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour when I welled up at least five times and spent three and a half hours singing and smiling. On both days I got home and my mascara hadn’t smudged, my lashes were still in place and with one wipe of cleanser it came off.

    How to Use Sweed Lash Lift Mascara

    I think applying mascara is a completely personal experience, I have seen so many different techniques over the years but ultimately it comes down to how you feel comfortable. I tend to wiggle the wand at the root and then coat the rest of the lashes. I also only use the excess product on my lower lashes to avoid it looking too heavy.

    What to Consider When Using Sweed Lash Lift Mascara

    This is a skinny plastic wand so if you prefer large, fluffy mascaras then this isn’t right for you. It also adds quite a lot of product to your lashes so if you prefer a natural look you may not like the finish, as you can clearly see you have mascara on when you’re wearing it. Although I truly believe this is one of those universal products that will work for most people. If you do find the formula a bit too wet at first (which isn’t something I found, but just in case) then I recommend letting a little bit of air to the formula by leaving the lid slightly ajar for the first few days. I tend to do this with all my mascara anyway as I think it helps it set in the long run.

    Where Can I Buy Sweed Lash Lift Mascara

    Sweed Lash Lift mascara is available from Sweed Beauty, Debenhams, Cult Beauty and Space NK.


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