The “Swoop” Hairstyle Is the 2000s Trend Making a Major Comeback This Season

Getty / Edward Berthelot

Rihanna. Selena Gomez. Zac Efron. All incomparable individuals who have, at one point, shared a singular thing in common: “swoop” bangs. (OK, so they can each also sing, act, and probably have impeccable skin-care routines, but this story isn’t about them.) Anyway, you couldn’t walk to the nearest Starbucks in a Juicy Couture tracksuit without seeing the hairstyle everywhere in the early 2000s – and, if you believe the pros, it will be making a comeback this fall.

“After months without a bang trim, I can see short bangs becoming a ‘swoop bang,’ bringing the side part back to center stage and replacing the centre part,” said César DeLeön Ramîrez, celebrity hairstylist and Unite brand ambassador. Like an exaggerated side bang, the swoop also works on any hair length and “looks great with short to long layers.”

To style, Ramirez recommends applying a blow-dry cream – one that smooths frizz and flyaways – to damp hair, then use a round brush to blow out the long bangs into the soft style. (Or skip the blow-drier completely and sweep to the side of your ponytail.) It’s versatile, easy, and early aughts-approved, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Ahead, proof that this hairstyle trend has major staying power.

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