The Moisturiser Specifically Designed For Acne-Prone Skin Is Here

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If you have acne-prone skin, your skin is most likely on the oily side, which affects your product choices. Chances are you tend to steer clear of skincare products that you feel might make your skin oilier like serums, oils and moisturisers. But, it’s extremely important to use a moisturiser as it helps calm skin and keep inflammation at bay which is common for those with breakouts.

Thankfully, tbh Skincare — the clinically backed brand that creates products specifically for acne-prone skin — has come to the rescue with thirst trap ($39), a moisturiser formulated to use alongside the brand’s acne hack cream ($55) that hydrates and replenishes moisture lost from the skin.

Formulated to cater to those with combination or oily skin, tbh’s thirst trap moisturiser contains glycerin and pentavitin, to revitalise dry skin, as well as squalene, apricot kernel oil, jojoba esters, olive oil and vitamin E for barrier support. This product is designed to help streamline your skincare routine — cleanse, treat, moisturise and you’re done.

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“The goal of tbh Skincare always has and always will be to support the breakout-prone customer,” said Rachael Tyers, co-founder of tbh Skincare, in a press release. “There are so many skincare products to navigate through these days, and it is hard to know what products will work well together. Moisturisers should just be there to support the skin barrier and hydrate your skin, nothing more and nothing less.

“You can leave the rest to your other skincare products. Unlike other moisturisers that try and sneak in something like a retinol, ours is simply there to complement the hero products within your routine and make sure we don’t irritate your skin or cause any flare-ups at the same time.”

The beauty of this product is that it slows the rate of water loss from the skin, making sure your skin is functioning healthily so it can focus energy into other areas like fighting acne-causing bacteria. If you’re on the fence about using a face cream on your breakout-prone skin, consider trying this one as it’s made with you in mind.

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