The Bachelor’s Head of Hair & Makeup Gave Us All of the Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Secrets

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While we tune in to The Bachelor to watch a love story unfold, there are two other reasons why we love this series so much and it’s the beauty and fashion choices. Every rose ceremony presents another opportunity for us to enjoy the sartorial choices of the bachelorettes, as well as the hair and makeup looks they are rocking. It’s truly a feast for the eyes.

And, without fail, during each season of The Bachelor, we often wonder just how long it takes the hair and makeup team to style each of the ladies, as well as the handsome bachelor, Jimmy Nicholson. Well, lucky for us (and you!), we spoke to the Head of Hair & Makeup on The Bachelor, Helen Dowsley, to find out what goes on behind the scenes, including the beauty products she uses!

POPSUGAR Australia: How much say do the ladies have in the way their hair and makeup is styled?

Helen Dowsley: I like to think they have a lot of say with their look. The first time we meet the ladies, we have copious amounts of hair and makeup references. I want to know the looks they like and listen to their concerns. Working with what they have and want, we reach the desired look. 

PS: There are a lot of ladies to get ready in The Bachelor! How long does this process take?

HD: I have a team of ten artists plus a senior assistant and a junior assistant. My team have 1.5 hours to get each person ready.  Given the fast pace of reality TV though, at times I’ve changed the females look in 15 minutes from her day look into her cocktail party look. 

PS: What are some of your tips for making makeup stay put for hours on end?

HD: Prep time is essential so we keep the hair and makeup on point for up to five hours without any touch-ups. We shoot mostly outdoors. It’s a tough gig at times, especially when it is pouring rain and I’m unable to get to the person to do checks. I like perfection but I’ve learnt working on The Bachelor for the last nine years to “let it go” and enjoy the love story. 

I use Dr Spiller skincare. The cleaners are gentle and the Collagen Creme ($135) is the bomb. It repairs any kind of skin with ease. In my 25 years of skincare, I’m unable to find a product that beats it. 

We use a lot of different makeup in our kits. My favourite is an Australian vegan brand called Harlotte Cosmetics. These products give a beautiful bounce to the skin and have great stay-on lippies just in case there’s any kissing involved. 

We prep the hair using another Australian product called Eleven. Its Miracle Treatment ($24.95) makes any hair silky, soft and shiny. I love Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray ($68) and the Superfine Hairspray ($63).  The memory of the spray is unbelievable. It makes next-day hair look even better. 

PS: How do you make sure Jimmy and the ladies don’t look shiny on camera?

HD: Jimmy was super easy to look after. I use Dr Spiller Collagen Creme all over along with Scotty’s mattifier cream — another great Australian product. This will keep his skin matte for hours. 

On the girls, if you prep well you won’t need to do a lot of upkeep. I tone the skin well and that means the eyelids as well! If you remove the oil from the eyelids the eyeshadow will stay for hours. Then I apply the Dr Spiller Collagen Cream and the NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer ($55) before foundation.

PS: How closely do you work with The Bachelor’s stylist to coordinate hair, makeup and outfits for the ladies?

HD: I have a wonderful relationship with wardrobe on this show. It’s important to keep communications open at all times to get the desired look. 

PS: What’s your favourite part of working on a show like The Bachelor?

HD: My favourite part of working on The Bachelor is getting to know the Bachelor and watching him fall in love. It’s great to be able to work with my team of amazing artists to get the girls ready for cocktail parties and see what the Bachelor thinks of the looks.  It’s the combination of people watching, using my craft and watching love happen. 

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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