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This Beauty Product Has Made My Long Hair Incredibly Healthy

My biggest hair drama is simple: split ends. I am definitely prone to the occasional straightening spree, so my ends were in need of some extra care and devotion.

I was always that girl in the back of class snipping away her dead ends into her pencil case (super gross, I know, but we've all been there) to get them back to normal. And it turns out I could've been using a cream treatment on them the whole time.

You see, I've been wanting to get my curly hair back to well-conditioned mermaid-length locks for a while (note to self: don't make haircut decisions after a breakup). And while I stick to my twice-a-week shampooing routine, sometimes my locks need some extra love.

So I started applying a cream treatment to the ends of my locks after showering, while still using my regular curly leave-in conditioner on the roots and mid-length. It's my own little recipe for lush locks.

And despite my initial doubts, it absolutely worked. My hair now feels healthier, the ends feel a lot less dry and I've found that it copes a lot better with heat styling. Those split ends? Barely noticeable.

In the same way we apply different skincare products to different areas of our faces, our hair deserves the same bespoke treatment.

Just because you have voluminous roots and smooth waves up top doesn't mean that your ends aren't feeling a bit sad after a straightening session.

Application is super simple — just pop a small dab of product on your ends on either dry or towel-dried hair, then use a wide-toothed comb to ensure it's spread evenly in case you want to blow-dry or straighten it (heat protection is important).

End of list. That's all you've got to do — just pop it in and forget about it.

Not only did my split ends appear to be reduced, but it actually made my hair look way healthier than I expected. Hydrated ends should not be underestimated, let me tell you.

For someone who was ready to give all my hair the chop into a lob, purely to escape my splits, this is a gamechanger.

If your ends could use a bit more loving as well, try a product like the L'Oréal Paris Elvive No Haircut Cream (we like to grab ours for $12 at Woolworths!) next time you want some extra care. It's designed to be a treat for your tips, with keratin to smooth your tresses and up to 180 degrees of heat protection — so that you don't fry up the ends you just fixed.

Your lush locks will feel so much healthier, it's well worth a try.

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