First There Was Concealer Glasses and Now There’s the Sunkissed Blush Hack

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There is never a dull moment when scrolling through TikTok. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to lose hours of your day on the app, thanks to the plethora of content available. One of our favourite genres of content to consume on TikTok is beauty. We have many favourite beauty creators who we follow for all of the tips and tricks.

During a recent scroll on the app, we discovered a new makeup hack that we can’t get enough of and it’s all about blush application. This discovery comes mere weeks after we learnt about concealer glasses, where you draw literal glasses around your eyes in concealer to help brighten the area.

The sunkissed blush hack also involves a little artistic license, which we found via the team at Tarte Cosmetics. If you don’t yet follow the beauty brand on TikTok, it’s definitely worthwhile as they post so many helpful tips and tutorials.

The sunkissed blush hack involves drawing a line of blush directly across your face to create a natural flushed look. Starting at one side of your face, draw the blush across the cheek, then the nose and finish up on the other cheek so there is a line in the middle of your face. Then, you blend in the product and you’re left with perfect flushed cheeks and a hint of blush on the nose, which gives you a healthy glow.

The idea behind putting blush on the nose is that it makes it look like you’ve been out and about in the sun all day. Coined “sunburn blush”, when applied correctly, it should simply amp up your summery look rather than look like you’ve been roasted in the sun. And, it doesn’t require actually being in the sun, which is a huge win as we’re all about that SPF and shade life.

If you’re keen to give this a go for yourself and revel in the dewy sunkissed look, all you need is a liquid blush product — one with a doe-foot applicator is preferable — that will glide across the skin in one go and melt into a natural flush.

If you only have cream blushes at your disposal, you can try using your finger to draw the product across the face. Powder-based blushes, on the other hand, probably won’t give you the sunkissed dewy look that a liquid product does so keep this in mind.

While there are heaps of wonderful liquid blushes available on the beauty market, our current favourite is the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($34), which comes in eight shades and would work perfectly in this TikTok-inspired look.

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